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    So you have decided to move in Manhattan and now you are doing the planning and getting informed. If you have some precious fine art pieces that need to be moved, this is the right place for you. Moving can get stressful and you will probably have a lot of things on your mind during the entire process. It is normal to worry if your private possessions are going to stay safe and in good condition during the move. And moving a valuable art collection can be a real headache if something goes wrong. But you can have a trick up your sleeve. Your solution is to hire reliable NYC movers. If you choose fine art movers who are experts in what they do, you will have little to worry about. Here you can read about how to pack and move fine art and what dangers can happen to it.

    Dangers fine art pieces face during a move

    fine art movers
    It is important to hire good fine art movers

    Fine art pieces such as paintings, sculptures and art installations are very delicate and valuable items. They can easily get damaged and can get stolen for someone’s profit. Movers should handle them with care.. Here are some dangers they can get exposed to during their relocation :

    • Of course first comes the danger of physical damage. Your movers should be extra careful not to accidentally drop something. Check if the truck is in good condition.If the truck is shaky your valuable art pieces will suffer.
    • Even though that might be the last thing on your mind, you should pay attention to the temperature inside of the truck. If the temperature changes drastically it is not good news for your paintings.
    • You should be careful when it comes to humidity. Even though you live or move through wet and humid areas, your movers should secure your fine art against it.
    • You should make sure they protect your fine art from different pests, like damaging insects
    • Your fine art must not get exposed to water in any form.This will be devastating in so many ways.
    • Security can be an issue when it comes to fine art. Someone will want to steal something so valuable for his own profit.It is important that your fine art movers secure all of your valuables.

    How fine art movers should move your art safely

    An experienced Manhattan moving and storage company will know how to pack and move your art safely. Whether you are moving collectibles, antiques or fine art, they all demand special care when it comes to packing and relocation. They should carefully pack and transport each item. Now you can read about the specific details of packing different fine art items.

    fine art paintings
    You will want your fine art to stay safe


    First, there is the issue of packing paintings.

    • First of all, you should take them off the wall and put them on a hard and flat surface.
    • If your painting has a glass surface you should take some tape and tape an X over the glass. This will prevent the glass from shattering.
    • After that, you should put something over the glass. A piece of cardboard would be perfect. This is the easiest thing to find since you will have a lot of boxes around
    • When you do that, you should take a big piece of bubble wrap and wrap the entire painting securely. Then put tape over the edges of the painting
    • Now is the time to put the painting into the right size box and fill the box with newspaper or foam chunks if there is extra space
    • Don’t forget to mark this box ‘FRAGILE’ on the back of the box
    • If your painting is extremely delicate and easily damaged you should tell your movers to use special crates or frames used for transportation that they can adjust to the size of your painting.
    • Some paintings are so delicate that humid environment can damage the color and pigment so you should tell your fine art movers to use trucks that have controllable climate conditions.

    How to pack and move sculptures safely

    If you need to pack 3D art, such as sculptures of different shapes and sizes you might wonder where to start and what kind of packing material to use. If some of your statues are extremely valuable and fragile you should leave the packing to the professionals. Your fine art movers should to know how to handle these pieces of art. You will read how fine art movers should pack your sculptures safely and also hoe you can pack them safely yourself.

    fine art paintings
    Don’t forget to tape an X on glass surfaces of paintings

    How fine art movers pack sculptures

    Your fine art movers have probably learned from experience that they should be extra careful and that they should use special crates. The special crates that professional fine art movers use have foam pads and secure the sculptures from breakage or damaging. If movers use these crates the sculptures will not damage during transportation. There are also special crates that have the best quality out there. Museums use them for their highly valuable pieces, but you can get these for your beloved sculptures too. They are a full package of pads and cushions. These crates are custom built to perfectly match the size of your sculpture and the frameworks are built inside of them.

    How to pack sculptures by yourself

    If you decide to pack some of the smaller sculptures by yourself here are the steps you should take:

    • fine art sculptureAlways make sure that you wrap your sculptures in bubble wrap. Don’t spare on the wrap. Use many layers to make sure your sculpture is secure.
    • When you wrap start from the upper part of the statue or figurine and advance to the lower part
    • After you finish wrapping put tape over the bubble wrap
    • Use a box or a smaller wooden crate if the piece is extremely delicate
    • If there is empty space in the box or crate fill it with foam chunks or bubble wrap

    You should measure the doors or entry points when you want to move a sculpture, especially a big one. If the sculpture is too big to fit through the entry point your movers will have to use a crane.


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