Fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan

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    NYC is the center of the modern world. For many reasons. Economy, culture, fashion, nightlife… So, there’s no doubt that moving to Manhattan would be a smart move for everyone. Whatever you might have at your current residence, Manhattan has it, only improved. Also, there are things you never heard of or seen before. Hence, if you’re having second thoughts about moving to The City, and you have a chance of making a Manhattan move, our tip is- Don’t lose your time and migrate to New York ASAP. Only, when undertaking such a venture, have in mind you’ll need professional Manhattan movers to help you. And there are lots of fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan. Make sure you avoid them. If you don’t, you might experience so many costly problems. So, you should better recognize fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan and avoid them, rather than get into a trouble.

    How to recognize fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan

    Learn how not to hire fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan
    Make sure you avoid fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan

    Knowing how Manhattan is expensive, the most of you is trying to find affordable movers in Manhattan. In order to trim Manhattan moving costs. Every dollar matters and you know it. Only, looking for cheap moving companies in Manhattan, you’re on a way of becoming a victim of Manhattan moving scam. This is why we advise you not to look for the cheapest moving company. Fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan use low-costs to attract you to hire them. But that’s when you might be making the worst mistake ever. Be careful, and read our tips on how to recognize and avoid moving company scams in Manhattan.

    10 things fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan commonly do:

    • The license is missing- The first thing to check!
    • Keeping your items a hostage- Refusing to deliver the items until you pay, usually, a large amount of money.
    • Refusing to come to an on-site estimate- Moving company refusing to come and see what’s to be moved so they could provide you with the precise estimate should be the reason to raise red flags.
    • Asking for large deposits- Demanding the up-front payment, and a large amount.
    • The workers don’t have a moving company name on their uniforms and on a truck- Or they have a different company’s name.
    • You can’t find too many pieces of information about them- Fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan don’t want you to know too much about them, so they hide the information.
    • The reviews are missing- Although this might be the sign of a company that appeared recently.
    • They were accused of a moving scam- No matter if it was proved that they were a scam.
    • Providing you with an extremely low moving estimateSomething sounds too good to be true.
    • Asking you to sign a blank contract- No reliable moving company in Manhattan does this.

    Fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan have no license

    The first thing to check, if you want to avoid moving scams in Manhattan, is to find out if Manhattan moving company owns a license. If there’s no license, that is a clear signal that something’s not right. And knowing that there might be something wrong should make you give up on such Manhattan mover. There are plenty of movers in Manhattan, so don’t stick to Manhattan mover that is not licensed to do the relocations.

    Holding your items as a hostage is a common thing that fraudulent movers in New York do

    Not delivering items until you pay a large amount of money is usual fraud by moving companies in The City
    Holding your items a hostage is one of the most common moving scams in Manhattan

    You agreed on the terms weeks before your moving to Manhattan. You asked the moving company about the services they provide. They answered everything without mentioning the extra costs. Yet, when they loaded the items into the truck, the problem appears. The moving company’s representatives come to you with a long list of additional costs. They require you to pay those extra charges, or otherwise, they are not delivering your items. This is one of the most common moving scams in Manhattan. Make sure you have in writing all additional costs the Manhattan mover could charge you with. Or have in writing that there are no additional costs. That way you’re making sure to be safely relocated.

    Not coming to an in-home inspection for a precise moving estimate

    The in-home inspection helps professional movers provide you with an on-site estimate. Which is the estimate equal or close to the actual price. If moving company’s representatives come to your place and give you an on-site estimate, you can require the binding offer. Signing that, you’re making sure that the price you got from the on-site estimate will be the actual price once the relocation is over. If a moving company in Manhattan refuses to come, you can assume that there is a scam hiding behind their name. Hence, if some Manhattan mover refuses to come to your home, don’t hire them.

    A large up-front payment required by Manhattan mover is a bad signal

    It’s not a problem if some moving company asks you for a deposit. They want to make sure you won’t cancel the reservation, or they have some expenses even prior to your relocation. But only if they are asking for a reasonable sum of money. 10, 20 or even 30% in some cases is ok to pay in advance. But if Manhattan moving company asks you for an up-front payment of more than 50% of estimated moving cost, you can assume they are fraudulent movers. 

    no company name on workers’ uniforms is an indicator for fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan 

    Before you made a reservation for a moving company, you visited their offices in Manhattan. And everything seemed to be perfectly normal. Company’s name everywhere and the trucks in front of the building were filled with the logo of that moving company. Yet, on a moving day, the workers appear with no moving company’s name, or with a different name of Manhattan mover on their uniforms. Even the moving truck is blank! What possibly could be a logical reason for that? Well, we’ll tell you. There’s a lot of possibilities that you’re dealing with fraudulent Manhattan mover. 

    Fraudulent movers in NYC hide the information about them

    Fraudulent Manhattan movers hide the information
    Rarely you can find the information about fraudulent Manhattan movers

    To be sure you’re hiring reputable and reliable professionals for your Manhattan move, you’re checking the information about them. First, you’re asking friends. Nobody heard of them before. You’re searching the web, but you can’t find anything. In the end, you’re calling the offices of the mover, but they refuse to disclose you the information you require. Is there any chance you wouldn’t get suspicious if something like that happened? If you get suspicious, you should. And the next thing you should do is to consider them to be fraudulent Manhattan movers and never hire them!

    No reviews could point out the lack of Manhattan moving company’s reliability

    Not all the customers leave the reviews. But some of them certainly do. Especially because moving companies ask them to do that. Given that it shows the reliability of the company. If there are no reviews, you can conclude one of two things. Either that is a young company that hasn’t had too many relocations until now. Or it’s one of fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan, hiding the information to make you the next victim of their moving scam.  You should alway check the history of the company and the other information about them before jumping into conclusions. But let the lack of reviews be the signal that something might be wrong and you should check the Manhattan mover more detailed. 

    The accusations of a moving scam are pointing out suspicious moving company in The City

    Start with yourself. Would you accuse a moving company to be fraudulent, if you were satisfied with their moving services? Probably not. So, if someone was accused of it, the customers probably had the reason for it. They could have agreed on some terms that weren’t fulfilled. For example, they could have been verbally assured of some price for the moving, and in the end, it appeared that the price is a lot bigger. Or they received the moving services of a lot lower quality than agreed etc. So, if there are accusations of a moving fraud, you should walk away on such a moving company. 

    Extremely low moving estimate points out almost certain Manhattan moving scam

    Did you hear the expression too good to be true? Well, why would the extremely low price for your relocation to Manhattan be any different? If you get the estimate for your move that is a lot lower than the average, or a lot lower than the next cheapest estimate, you should ask how their estimate is so low. Because, you could almost certainly expect low-quality service, or to be charged with a large sum of extra expenses. Hance, if the offer you receive as an estimated cost for your Manhattan move is too low compared to the competition, smoothly don’t hire such a company.

    Moving company asking you to sign the blank contract is probably fraudulent Manhattan packer & mover

    And there’s almost nothing we could add to this constatation. Except that, in no case, should you hire a moving company asking you to sign a blank piece of paper. No matter what their explanations might be, that’s almost surely a representative of fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan. Imagine only what could be added above your signature. Whatever they like! Why would you put such a power in anyone’s hands?


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