Guide to Financial District top office buildings

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    On the southernmost tip of Manhattan in NYC, a neighborhood known as the Financial District is located. It is not only the most historic neighborhood in Manhattan but also the heart of America’s financial markets. If you are looking for a new office, you should definitely consider searching for one in the Financial District area. In order to make your search easier, as well as to prepare you for everything that you may run into along the way, read this guide to Financial District top office buildings. Once you have read it, find the right Financial District movers, and you will relocate without a hitch.

    Be aware of your financial situation

    Before you even start looking for office space in the Financial District, you need to calculate your budget. Finding and buying space in this area might be expensive. However, it comes with a lot of benefits. Still, if you cannot afford to buy a space for your office in the FiDi, you can certainly rent it. You can also save some money by finding and hiring affordable movers NYC offers.

    The cash in a briefcase is ready for the Financial District top office buildings.
    Calculate your budget so you’ll know how much money you can spend while searching for the Financial District top office buildings

    Estimate the office size and necessary requirements

    Now that you are aware of your budget, the next thing on the list you will have to consider is the size of the office and other requirements you might need. To determine these things, you will have to ask yourself a couple of questions. To begin with, you need to know the approximate number of people that will be using the space. Each employee should have around 100 square feet of space. You can calculate the space necessary based on that. Next, how often will the office space be used? Then, what common areas you’ll need, meeting rooms, video booths, and other amenities? Once you have a clear picture of these things, you can start searching for the right office space in the Financial District.

    Benefits of having an office in the Financial District

    There are numerous perks of having an office in the Financial District, and these are only some of them:

    • Accessibility – customers can easily find you no matter where they are from.
    • Quality¬†– even though space in this area is more expensive, the quality cannot be compared to other places. Not only that, but you can enjoy an environment that is aesthetically pleasing, and you don’t have to worry about the amenities as they are all close by.
    • Security¬†– Financial District top office buildings offer both physical and digital security.
    • Urban infrastructure¬†– having your office in this neighborhood means having access to urban transportation. Your clients, workers, and other people won’t have to worry about their transportation or commuting.

    How to start looking for the Financial District top office buildings

    If you find yourself worrying about how to find the perfect office building in the Financial District, don’t stress about it. It’s not as hard as you might think. Be on the lookout when it comes to advertisements. You never know when something good might come up. Search for it on social media, newspapers, and online sites. Just remember that whatever you find, you’ll have to thoroughly research if your sources aren’t reliable and trustworthy. Once you’ve found the perfect space for you, contact office movers Manhattan has, and have the smoothest relocation ever.

    A stack of newspapers
    If you want to find the right office space for you, look through the newspaper, social media, and other websites

    Financial District’s best office buildings

    Now that you’ve calculated your budget, you are aware of how much you can spend on buying or renting office space. So, let’s jump straight into the best office buildings in the Financial District. Read through the description of each one of them, decide which one is the most suitable for you, find the right moving company Manhattan offers, and don’t worry about a thing.

    One Liberty Plaza

    One Liberty Plaza was designed by Roy Allen of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill and was built in 1973. Its location is perfect as it is close to several major subway lines, so you won’t have to worry about transportation. This building is one of the biggest office buildings in the Financial District. Various banking, law, finance, media, and many other companies have their offices here. The address of One Liberty Plaza is 165 Broadway in Lower Manhattan.

    Bankers Trust Company Building

    As the name itself suggests, this building was originally constructed to serve as the Bankers Trust Company’s headquarters. However, today it’s home to many big companies in different industries. This building, located at 14 Wall Street, was designed by Trowbridge & Livingstone. Though it was built in 1933, the Bankers Trust Company building was completely renovated in 2008.

    Bowling Green Offices Building

    The next Financial District prominent office building worth mentioning is the Bowling Green Offices building, located at 11 Broadway in New York City. It’s more affordable than the spaces previously mentioned but still excellent. It’s outstanding for both small and big businesses. This building offers newly renovated elevators, restrooms, and hallways, as well as a marble-floor lobby.

    A building during the day
    The Bowling Green Offices building offers space in a variety of sizes, so it’s perfect for big, small, and mid-sized businesses

    Financial District top office building located at Old Slip Street

    Formerly known as the One Financial Square, today it’s 32 Old Slip Street. This building has 37 stories and 1,161,435 square feet of office space. What’s different about this building is that it offers column-free office floor plates and other interesting features. Some of them are a 104-car self-parking garage, closed circuit cameras, security card access, and many more.

    Final thoughts

    Now that you’ve arrived at the end of this guide to Financial District top office buildings, you know everything you need to know to find the right office space for you at a suitable location. Find and hire movers NYC offers that can be trusted and relied on, and you’re ready to go.




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