Helping your NYC movers – is it necessary?

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    Preparing for a long-distance move or a move in general is never easy. You need to think about a lot of things and even then the entire process will be quite hard. Thus, many people prefer to hire a moving company and let them do their entire work. However, there is a question that you might find asking yourself – should I help them? Helping your NYC movers might be either good or bad, depending on what you do or plan to do. Fortunately for you, we have prepared a short guide in which we will tell you the exact details when and how you should help your movers. Hopefully, you will find our help invaluable and hopefully it will answer your questions.

    Knowing when to help and when to stay put

    Professional movers relocate your apartment and inventory for you. Their services are worth it and it is possible to find affordable movers in NYC, it depends where you look. They also know what they are doing and chances are they will do the entire move on their own. However, you should know when helping your NYC movers is appropriate and when it is not. The most important thing is not to interfere with their work. They probably know it much better than you. Furthermore, they do this on a daily basis, if they need something they would probably ask. There are some things you can do, however:

    • Make an inventory list – It helps when movers know exactly what to pack
    • Separate everything beforehand – Being organized is the key
    • Disassemble anything you can on your own – Knowing how to disassemble furniture will save everyone a lot of time
    • Make sure you are on the same page – Let your movers know everything you need before they arrive. That should help avoid confusion
    Helping your NYC movers
    There is always something you can do to help

    Avoid doing some things when helping your NYC movers

    Some things should be avoided when you are helping your NYC movers. For example, do not get in the way. No one likes when someone interferes in their work, so please do not hinder your movers even though you are trying to help. Do not move or change anything they are working on; do not constantly ask questions and/or interrupt them; and, finally, do not teach them how to do their job. They are professionals, after all – they know it the best! Moreover, there are also some mistakes to avoid like questioning their skill and not trusting them with your property.

    Yet another thing you should avoid doing when trying to help your NYC movers is to work alongside them. They will probably not appreciate you being there and working with them, even though you are only trying to help. If you wanted to work, you shouldn’t have hired the moving company in the first place. Your movers are paid for the job and you should realize that and accept that you shouldn’t be one of them during the move. Instead, you can go outside for a walk while they prepare or, simply, observe everything without any unwanted interference. Trust us, this might sometimes be the best option!

    Helping your NYC movers
    A problem can easily become a solution, but also vice versa

    Possible differences

    Understand that there are differences between local and long-distance moving, thus act in accordance to that. Local moving is much easier and cheaper and it can be done in a few days. Even if you forget something, you can go back easily to pick it up. For long-distance moving that is not the case, so if you are moving far away from your current location, do not hinder your movers. They might make a mistake due to your interference, so such mistake might be hard to fix. Trust your movers, they know their line of work!

    You can help out in some ways, however

    The best way to help our your movers is to not hinder them. However, you can do something without they wouldn’t be able to do their job. For example, you should let them know about every little detail beforehand – the type of the move, what have you packed and what is in the boxes, et cetera. The most important thing when helping your NYC movers is to do everything in accordance with them. When they tell you to do something, do it; when they tell you to let them work, let them work. Be a part of the team, but in a way that both sides benefit one from another.

    Let your movers know that they will be tipped after the work is done and it will motivate them to work better. This is, in a sense, also a method of helping your movers. You should know how much to tip your movers depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Besides, it is a nice gesture nevertheless and you will show that you care and value their work. They will also show you that they do care in fact, and do a better job. This relationship would benefit both parties.

    Cleaning can be considered helping your NYC movers as well

    A clean house
    A clean house does look more beautiful, doesn’t it?

    If you clean your living quarters before and after the movers arrive, you will help them out immensely. Cleaning before moving is a good option because chances are that you won’t have to clean your items after the move, plus you will leave the apartment/house ready for newcomers! Besides, it will make sure that everything during the move itself runs smoothly!

    In the end, should you consider helping your NYC movers or not?

    The answer to this question is both “yes” and “no”, for obvious reasons. Even though you might have had good intentions when you decided that helping your NYC movers is a good option, it might go horribly wrong. So, it would be best to talk to your movers and see what exactly can you do and what you can’t do. After all, moving is not an easy job, so make sure that everything goes to plan by understanding what your movers want and need. Trust us, it can be a life-saver!


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