How to avoid hiring fraudulent movers

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    Moving can be a difficult process. With so many things to think about, any part that doesn’t go as planned can cost you a lot of money and cause a lot of trouble. However, the biggest mistake is hiring fraudulent movers. Not only can you lose a lot of money, but you can also lose all of your belongings if you make this wrong choice.  And that is not the way you want your new life to begin. Luckily, here you can find a couple of tips on how to avoid hiring fraudulent movers and make sure you starting your life the way you really want to.

    Things You Can Do to Avoid Hiring Fraudulent Movers

    Fraud alert
    Read the signs

    Unfortunately, moving scams are real and a lot of people have fallen victim to them. Some of them have shared their experience, making it easier for other people not to make the same mistakes. Others, unfortunately, don’t speak about it, as they try to get over the problem they experienced. But, it’s up to you, in the end, to see through the fraudulent movers and go with a reliable company. Here’s what you can do.

    • Make a preliminary list of all of the companies you would go with. Don’t go that deep with this step, as this is only a way to start your research.
    • Do your research. Every information about the company is valuable.
    • Use deposit as a clue. If you want to avoid hiring fraudulent movers, the price of the deposit can be used as a hint.
    • Ask them about the estimate. It’s important to have the information about the estimate and the services of the company.
    • Demand a binding estimate. A binding estimate is what really matters if you want to be sure about the real price for the move.
    • Check the paperwork. You should check all of the contracts, licenses and fine print and always demand written proof.

    Make a Preliminary List

    So, you want to choose a reliable moving company, like But, how to make the first list of potential candidates? There several ways to do it. First, the word of mouth is valuable as always, so ask your friends or acquaintances who moved about their experience and their moving company. Even if the experience was not very good, you can use it as valuable information to help shorten your list. Second, you can do the research yourself and see about the experience of the people on forums and social media. But, be careful not to trust every source of information.

    Do Your Research

    Doing research on the background and the track record of the company is essential. First, see if the moving company has a license. Also, don’t avoid spending more time getting all of the information, as the more you know, the better. Spending more time here might save you from a lot of troubles that could happen in the future.  If there is any signal that the company is fraudulent, remove them off the list. However, be very careful not to trust all of the good reviews and recommendations that you come across. A lot of them can be fake and are written by the scamming companies, especially if they’re on the official website of the moving company.

    Using Deposit as a Clue

    Be careful when you see the red flags

    If you want to avoid hiring a fraudulent company, check if they request a large deposit. When a mover asks for a large deposit, it is a sign to be very careful. The first thing they could do is disappear with the deposit you gave them. But, even trickier is if they use a large deposit to make you agree with unfavorable conditions. Think about, when people already give deposits, they don’t want to bother canceling the deal and finding another company. Instead, they tolerate the conditions that are not in their favor, since they already gave the company a huge amount of money as a deposit.

    Use the Price as a Hint

    We all want to get a good deal, so ask for the estimate and compare the prices of the companies. However, if you come across cheap movers, be extra careful. On one hand, you might have found a very good deal and you are happy to have more money for your new life. On the other hand, it can be a signal that it’s a fraudulent company that’s using the low price as a bait. Nonetheless, no matter the price, you should ask for a list of services that they provide for the mentioned price and to have that in written and signed. First of all, it can help you compare the companies with similar price, as the services they provide might not be the same. Second, you can be sure that the written services are provided for the price that you’re paying. You can never be too careful.

    Demand a Binding Estimate

    The best way to have an exact estimate is to have an on-site estimate by the company. Once they see your home and the job that needs to be done, they will know the price. But, that’s when you should ask them for a binding estimate. Once you have that signed, you can be sure that it’s the price that is not going to change for whatever reason, since they saw the job that needs to be done with their own eyes.

    Check the Paperwork

    Oral agreements are not what matters, but written agreement, on the other hand, are different. If you have it in writing, the company want to able to lie about your mutual agreement on terms and conditions. However, be careful to read that fine print in the bottom. You don’t want to put your signature willingly on something that doesn’t go in your favor. A DIY move can be a good experience, but you don’t want to have it as a last resort. So read carefully.

    Road Ahead

    yes, no sign
    The choice you make will have an impact on the road ahead

    With all the information it’s time to make an educated choice and avoid hiring fraudulent movers. This way you can be sure you did your best to start your new life on a good note. Next steps that await you are much easier when you are sure to have a reliable company on your side. Good luck!



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