How to avoid mistakes when packing antiques for a move

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    Whether you need to move down the street or across the city, you need to transport your possessions safely. With just a few moving boxes and suitcases, this is not going to be that hard. But if you have to move valuable and delicate items, things get serious. Fragile and expensive items such as antiques can be difficult to pack, protect, and move. But with the help of Manhattan Movers NYC, even the most challenging tasks become simple. Today our relocation specialists will help you figure out what steps to take to avoid mistakes when packing antiques for a move. Don’t worry and focus on the tips you will get by reading this article. We know packing hacks that will help you prevent trouble when moving antiques to your new home or storage. This task will become pleasant instead of nerve-racking, so follow our tips!

    Things to do beforehand to avoid mistakes when packing antiques for a move

    Moving fragile items takes a lot of time. Although it is time-consuming, packing your antiques properly will help you avoid expensive repairs or even damages you can’t fix. But if you start packing your antiques just a few days before your move, you are still at risk of damage. So, take the advice from our experts – when moving to Manhattan, start planning well in advance. Right after you find out that you are moving, consider your options and get ready for packing antiques. Remember, this is a huge undertaking and it should be handled with extra care. When you just take a look at your antiques, you will realize how fragile they are. For that reason, you will need to prevent even the smallest damage, unless you want to lower their value.

    A person thinking about how to avoid mistakes when packing antiques for a move while making the list
    An inventory list will also help you check antiques upon arrival.

    Being in a hurry when packing can make things go wrong. If want to avoid mistakes when packing antiques for relocation, remember there is no room for the rush. Instead of unplanned steps, take enough time to plan what actually should do before packing antiques begins. Before you start relying on professional moving services Manhattan NYC, you should first make an inventory list of your antiques yourself. Although relocation can get chaotic sometimes, having an inventory list will help you stay organized. Also, this list will remind you of steps you should not skip and things you could easily forget. If you don’t want to lose any of your valuable antiques during the move, keep your inventory handy all the time. And list or reminder on your phone will help you get all you need to properly prepare your valuables for this transition.

    Decide if you need help to avoid mistakes when packing antiques for a move

    This challenging task is not for the faint of heart, antiques could easily get damaged. And if your antiques are more than just material objects for you, make sure to know what to do. If you realize you are not sure about the steps that you should take, don’t hesitate and get the finest packing services NYC. Our reliable and experienced packers will know how to handle your antiques with attention and care. They could provide all the needed packing materials. Also, they will bring special packing supplies for your delicate items and additional antique protection. There is no doubt that having professional packers can help you avoid mistakes when packing antiques for relocation. So, invite your friends to support you and let this task to the people who know how to transport antiques safely.

    Antique analog clock
    Get help on time and avoid mistakes when packing antiques for a move.

    If you do not have too many antiques, you may wish to pack them on your own. Even though it’s always better to hire local movers NYC, you can do these tasks yourself if they’re not too big. Before you start packing, check if your friends are willing to help. In case they are, prepare enough space for packing these delicate items. Also, gather all packing materials before you start, and make sure to have enough space around you. The last thing that you want is to trip over a moving box and broke your antiques. So, don’t rush and decide who will help, where you will do this task, and do you have enough packing supplies.

    Do you have the packing supplies you need?

    Since you don’t want to interrupt or leave this task until the last day, it is time to pack your antiques properly. So, take a look at the supplies you purchased from the Amazon website and make sure to find the following items there:

    • Microfiber cloth for cleaning antiques before packing;
    • Quality packing paper and packing peanuts;
    • Bubble wrap as much as you need it;
    • Glassine– a special type of paper resistant to grease, air, water, etc;
    • Quality packing tape;
    • Corner protectors for antiques such as art and mirrors;
    • Boxes in multiple sizes, including specialty boxes in case you need them;
    • Moving blankets and old towels;
    • Furniture pads and special supplies for moving old furniture.

    Of course, you need packing materials according to the type and number of antiques you have. But don’t overlook how proper packing supplies we did mention are important to prevent mistakes when packing antiques for moving. They will keep your antiques safe on the way to your new address.

    Granite Buddha figurine
    Get suitable packing materials in advance.

    It is time to pack your antiques for transport!

    Now when you have all it takes for packing antiques, let’s do it together. Step one – get a properly sized box for each of your antiques. Remember you should not overpack your boxes and you need to fill gaps with packing paper. Step two – wrap all your glass pieces with a layer of glassine and secure them with packing tape. Step tree – don’t forget to place corner protectors that will help you deal with sharp objects. We hope this article helped you to avoid mistakes when packing antiques for a move. Remember to check your antiques one more time before your big day come!


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