How to choose between East Village and Soho

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    Whether you are planning to move to New York City for the first time or just looking for a neighborhood that fits you better, you are in the right place. There is no one that can help you better than our experts on moving to Manhattan. We know so much about the needs of our customers and we know the entire Manhattan by heart. Also, we know how difficult can be to pick the right neighborhood for you and your family. So, today we will help you choose between East Village and Soho. Although every neighborhood has its pros and cons, you will need to decide where you will rent or buy an apartment. So, let’s see what to expect both from East Village and Soho. After reading this article, it will be a lot easier for you to make the right decision!

    Define your needs and it will be easier to choose between East Village and Soho

    Let’s start from the moment when you were attracted by East Village and Soho. For sure there is something about these two neighborhoods that just grabbed your attention. Whether it is a vibe, a perfect apartment in one of these two neighborhoods, or anything else, you are in doubt now. But before you decide which apartment to opt for, take the advice from our local movers Manhattan and consider your needs. Firstly, if you did find a job in one of these neighborhoods, maybe you will want to be close to your workplace. Even if that means that you will move again after a while, maybe you will rather opt for a Soho. Secondly, if you are a student and looking for an affordable apartment, maybe you will pick East Village just like many other students.

    A woman in a red blazer trying to figure out how to choose between East Village and Soho
    Knowing your needs is a key when need to choose between East Village and Soho

    So, before you start discovering all pros and cons of your potential neighborhoods, make sure what your priorities are. Write a list of things that mean the most to you and also things you can accept just to get more affordable or an apartment in closer proximity to your work. Also, if you have school-age kids and looking for the best school for them, make sure to find out your options for their education in these neighborhoods. Of course, take the recommendation from our Manhattan Movers NYC and calculate your budget. This will help you decide will you choose Soho or East Village for your new home. In the end, don’t forget that neighborhood you pick may affect your lifestyle. So, consider which place offers more interesting activities to its residents.

    If you choose East village between East Village and Soho, here is what to expect

    Living in this neighborhood that is located within lower Manhattan is a dream for many people. A long ago, this was a mecca for many artists, hippies, and today it is a magnificent place with luxurious condos and restaurants. East Village vibe is like no other and nowadays it attracts many young professionals and families. Many residents of this unique neighborhood will tell you it is not a good choice for you if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful area.

    Women standing on the street
    East Village is well located vibrant neighborhood.

    On the other hand, if you want to spend time outside and finish all you need to within your neighborhood, East Village will be your phenomenal choice. Once you complete your move with the help of our East Village movers, just a few minutes from your home you can stop by and do all jobs you need. This neighborhood is well known for many amenities, which makes it perfect for busy people. Further, here you can choose from many housing options and find an affordable home for you and your family. If you are working in Jersey City, you only need about 20 minutes by car to get to work. If you are looking for a job, most developer industries here are finance, law, tech, etc.

    It is ideal for students and young professionals

    You must be wondering why so many students looking for small apartments here. Well, it is because New York University has dorms here and other students need to pool funds for tiny apartments. Whether you are a student, at the start, middle, or top of your career, you will love East Village. Endless nightlife and dining options in East Village will give you some unforgettable moments. If any of things about the East Village is your top priority, you are just a step away to choose between East Village and Soho.

    What to expect from Soho

    Soho is well known as a beacon for creativity and art. For that reason, it attracts artists and fashion gurus from all across the globe. For that reason, Soho has that artsy feel, but also a rich nightlife scene and vibrant entertainment. If you are hiring our Soho movers and coming from a smaller city or more quiet area of NYC, soon you will notice lively spirit in this neighborhood. If you like to be in the center of the action, Soho is perfect for you. Once you start living here, you will be in a heat of New York City. Also, you will be perfectly connected to the city in general. Everything you need to do, see, visit or explore will be just a few minutes away from your new home.

    Vehicles in Soho, Manhattan
    Living in Soho means you are close to all the attractive places in the city.

    Nevertheless, be careful when you choose your new building as well. Ensure you will not live on the top of the store, especially if you need quiet to fall asleep. Soho is famous for its many shopping malls. It’ll be hard to find a better place for shopping in the city. When it comes to crime rates, you should know they are lower than in many other neighborhoods. If you have children and need to choose between East Village and Soho, Soho is your better choice. Living here with kids will be safe. Also, here you will find many excellent schools.


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