How to choose the best long distance movers in NYC

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    Finding the perfect movers for the relocation was never an easy job.  Especially now, when the moving industry is getting bigger rapidly. Literary every day you can find a new moving agency in New York City. And that fact isn’t a surprise. Many have recognized the great potential that moving business has and want to try their luck with this profession. That is why the market of movers in New York City is so big. Depending on the relocation type, there are different moving companies. Some movers are dealing only with short distance moves. On the other side, there are long distance movers in NYC that can help you relocate from the East Coast to the West Coast. Whichever relocation type you might need, you’ll need to make a thorough research before you hire movers. Especially if you are in pursuit of long distance movers in NYC.

    Manhattan view from the sky during the night
    If you want to choose the best long distance movers in NYC you need to make a thorough research

    Where to start if you want to find the best long distance movers in NYC?

    The first thing you need to do in order to find good and reliable movers is to make a plan. This means that you need to be aware of every possible aspect of the upcoming relocation. Even the tiniest mistake can cost you a lot. And moving is not a cheap undertaking. Sometimes, just to relocate your belongings can cost you a small fortune. In case you’re preparing for the long distance move, it can cost you much more. This is why you need to cover every single part of your Manhattan moving plan. This step requires your full attention and focus. If you think to do this in a couple of minutes then you are terribly wrong. If you manage to forget just one thing, one small detail, be ready to pay more than you planned. Now, let’s go through the items you’ll need to implement in your moving plan.

    Analyze your requirements

    This is where you need to be specific about your needs. It is not the same thing if you are moving your home or a business. Here are some questions you need to answer before putting everything on the paper:

    • What is the specific type of your relocation? – Ok, you need long distance moving service. But is it home relocation or you want to move your office in New York City? In case you think this is the same – it is not. Relocating your business equipment can require extra attention, thus it can cost more. Or, you have some specific item, like the piano you want to relocate. Then, you will need to find specialized movers for moving a piano to a Manhattan.
    • Are you moving alone, or with a family? – Again, not the same thing if you are moving alone or with a family. An answer to this question will not have a much influence on your choice of long distance movers in NYC. But, it will definitely impact your moving budget. If you are moving with a family, you must be sure that your things will come to its destination safely. You can’t think about that as you need to make sure your family is safe on your way to NYC.
    • Can you put all your belongings into a new home? – If your new home in New York City is smaller than your current one, you’ll need extra storage place. Under those circumstances, you’ll need to find affordable NYC self-storage facilities. It is the best way to handle your extra items at a reasonable price. Remeber, you do not want to have any extra unplanned expenses.
    colorful storage units
    In case you need extra storage space, find affordable storage units prior to your relocation

    What is your moving budget?

    Your moving budget will have a huge impact on your choice of long distance movers in NYC. Assuming that you didn’t save on your purchase of a new home, now is the time for saving few dollars. If you are lucky enough to have an unlimited budget for this part of the move, skip this paragraph. But, if you are among the majority who have limited fund, pay attention to this part. If you do not plan moving budget properly, you can end up with less money and extra stress. And nobody needs extra stress during the move. Especially if you are moving to Manhattan from abroad.

    There are many online calculators which can help you with the estimation of moving costs. This is a good way to get an image of the price range you need to fit in. But, do not use them as the only tool for calculating your New York City relocation costs. Try to identify your maximum moving budget. It should be about 10 – 15 percent higher than what you think it will cost. This is a final price, and you shouldn’t accept any higher offer. Just make sure you are realistic. If you underestimate these costs, you can have a problem with finding good and reliable long distance movers in NYC.

    It is time for pen and paper

    Person writing down moving plan
    Always write down your detailed moving plan

    Once you are sure that you thought about everything, it’s time to put everything on the paper. If you think you are smart enough and you can remember everything, remember the part about extra expenses. It is not that anyone wants to diminish your brain potential. This is the best way to be sure you’ll not forget any detail while looking for the moving agency. And not just that. If you write down everything so far, you can focus on research of the best long distance movers in NYC.

    Now that we covered essentials, it is time for more practical guidelines. If you followed so far information, you have all the answers you need, hopefully, next to you on the paper. Do not move that paper away. You will need it, especially now when you are about to start the actual research of moving companies.

    It is time for the research

    It is finally time to begin your research. Just like for anything else, you need a good plan in order to successfully complete this task. We’ll go through every single part of your research, and help you choose the best long distance movers in NYC. This will require a little preparation, especially if you are doing this for the first time. Before you begin with this, you need to know what are you looking for. There are things you need to pay special attention to. Besides characteristics of good and reliable long distance movers in NYC, we’ll help you to avoid potential frauds as well. If you do this part right, you’ll avoid most of the potential problems with moving to Manhattan.

    Characteristics of good long distance movers in NYC

    There are numerous moving companies on the New York City market. As the moving industry is getting bigger every day, many are in pursuit of their luck with the moving business. Even though you can easily find a moving company, that does not mean you can easily find a good one. You need to be very careful and make sure that the quality of service you’re about to get is top-notch. This is not easy, but it’s not unattainable as well.

    Luckily, there are characteristics which every good, reliable and experienced moving agency has. These are the things you are going to check during your research. If you notice that particular long distance movers in NYC don’t have even one of these, skip them. The last thing you need now is to hire risky movers. These characteristics are essential and a must. Later on, we’ll speak about ways to avoid frauds and scams, but now we’re focusing on good features.

    Moving trucks on the parking
    You need to know characteristics of reliable long distance movers in NYC

    Hire only licensed long distance movers in NYC

    The very first thing every good mover must have is a license for the job. You would not let an unlicensed construction company build your house. Same way, you shouldn’t hire long distance movers to relocate your belongings if they don’t have the license. Every licensed moving company has a US Department of Transportation (USDOT) unique license number. As soon you spot interesting long distance movers in NYC, make sure find their name in the USDOT database. Once you make sure they have a valid license, continue your research.

    Check if the moving company has an insurance

    Another important thing to check prior to hiring movers is the insurance. No one can guarantee you that relocation will happen without any problems. And no one should guarantee you that. Even with all precautions, there can be that new bump on the road that will damage some of your belongings. Accidents happen every day. Even though the truck driver can have an extensive driving experience, misfortune situation can occur and your stuff can come to its destination with damages. This is exactly why you need to be sure that the moving company has the insurance policy.

    Sometimes, you might need to pay extra for the insurance of your belongings during the move. Do that. Pay extra. It is nothing comparing to the damage that can happen. Long distance moves can take up to a couple of days, and you can’t afford a couple of sleepless nights. Particularly not during the move. Better safe than sorry.

    Experienced and good movers will have a positive rating

    Person holding a cup of coffee while searching the internet
    Always check what previous clients have to say about the movers you are about to hire

    When it comes to the rating of the company, you will need some time to investigate it. First, you should check testimonials from previous clients on the company website. Every good moving company will proudly display stories and experiences of people who hired them. You can find these stories usually under section “Testimonials”, “Stories of our clients” or something similar. But you need to be careful as these stories can be not really genuine. It is important to realize that sometimes it’s a way to lure you or false-present their experience in the business.

    Most compelling evidence of company’s experience and quality of service you’ll find on internet forums for moving. These are online areas for gathering information about the relocation process. People come here in order to present their experience with a certain moving company. If long distance movers you are currently investigating are good, you’ll find their name here. After you register, you can as questions in order to be sure of the company’s quality. Just pay close attention to details. If you find any repetitive comments, try to investigate little further. This can be an indication that the reviews are false.

    Never accept the very first offer you get

    The most common mistake people are making is hiring the very first moving company they like. Make sure you do not make the same mistake. In order to choose the best long distance movers in NYC, you should have at least three offers. After you compare them to the last detail, you’ll have a clear image which one is most suitable for you.

    On the other hand, you can use these offers a leverage to negotiate a better price. Sometimes it’s smart to mention that you are considering other movers and that you would like to hear why you should choose the one you are currently negotiating with.

    Avoid fraudulent long distance movers in NYC

    Avoid fraudulent long distance movers in NYC
    Learn to recognize tricks of fraudulent movers

    Last, but not the least, you need to know how to avoid fraudulent moving companies in Manhattan. There are numerous reports of frauds in the moving industry. New York City is one of the hottest spots for this kind of scams in the whole US. But you do not need to be afraid, just extra careful. All these scammers have one common thing – to steal your money. And you need to recognize their intention.

    There are several tricks these fraudsters are using to lure you into their trap. They will promise you an unreasonably small price or will be asking for a huge deposit. Sometimes they will try to convince you that they’ll finish the job earlier than possible. Or they will accept everything you ask and hurry you to hire them. Use your common sense, and do not fall for these tricks. If you know what to look for, you will choose the best long distance movers in NYC.


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