How to choose the right size moving boxes

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    Moving to Manhattan? Wheater you are a resident or a newcomer, life in a new home in Manhattan could be perfect. If you just have chosen a new apartment, soon you will be on your new Manhattan address. But before you get to your new place, a huge and hard job needs to be finished. It is time for packing, the most important part before moving. It means all your belongings which you plan to bring to a new home should be packed. Additionally, it requires a lot of attention because the next step is transportation. Surely you don’t want your items damaged or destroyed during the moving process. Above all, you’re entire household need to be properly packed. But how to choose the right size moving boxes? We are Manhattan Movers NYC and we can show you the ways. Let’s find out how to make the right choice.

    Hiring professional packers

    As the most important advice, we will tell you to start as early as possible. Otherwise, if your moving is urgency, we highly recommend you hire a packing service NYC. Also, when you know your belongings are well packed, protected and ready for transport, you will be relaxed. During many years in the moving service business, we have noticed a lot of people have a problem to decide on the right size of moving boxes. We can solve that!

    How to choose the right size moving boxes?

    There are a lot of various appliances that you could use to pack. Moreover and which could help you during the transport, but the one that you for sure cannot avoid and skip is a moving box. Moving boxes you could find in all shapes and sizes. Exactly the same applies to moving and packing supplies. This choice is rather simple and does not have to be such a mystery. Moreover, there is a list of all the different types of boxes out there, along with their purposes. Accordingly, we will go through a variety of different types of moving boxes that you could use. And finally how you should pick the ones you need the most.

    woman and boxes
    You will need all sorts of moving boxes when packing.

    When is small the right size?

    As they are not bulky, small boxes are the most common type you will want to use. Moreover, they are the most common type of moving boxes in New York City. But do not let the size trick you because these boxes can carry up to 50 pounds. And for what they are convenient for? Here is what you can pack in these boxes:

    • books
    • small appliances,
    • cosmetics,
    • CDs,
    • shoes,
    • other types of small and heavy items etc.


    When is medium the right size of moving boxes?

    These boxes are equally popular as small boxes, and they are very handy too. Medium-sized boxes are used in New York as often as small boxes. But obviously, they carry things that cannot fit into smaller-sized boxes. Generally, they are the right size and shape for almost any item. An average medium-sized box can carry up to 65 pounds of items. Again, try not to overload it.

    These are the types of items people usually pack into medium-sized boxes:

    • larger kitchen appliances,
    • electronics,
    • clothing,
    • towels and decorative items,
    • canned food,
    • Smaller outdoor tools.
    right size moving boxes
    Don’t make these boxes too heavy.

    When is large and extra-large are the right size of moving boxes?

    Now is the time to start thinking about items that take up a lot of space, but do not weigh as much. And it is important to choose the right size moving boxes in this case, too. If you choose large and extra-large as the right size of moving boxes, what can you fit into them?

    • Large lamps,
    • linens,
    • and kitchen appliances,
    • toys,
    • pillows,
    • large blankets.


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