How to compare moving estimates

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    How to compare moving estimates? When moving the best way to get the best value is to get as many estimates as you can. The best number should be between 4 and 6 so you can make a good decision. Never should you take into consideration only the prices in the moving quotes, as an expensive one doesn’t mean better service, nor does a cheap one guarantee good service either. The best way of getting the best one is getting the grasp of the market by getting estimates and studying them to get the best one for you.

    Know what to compare

    Knowing how to compare moving estimates will save a lot of time and money. So when reading through your estimates here are the most important things you have to look out for.

    How to compare moving estimates by name

    Before getting into the big numbers and maths, check the names of the companies first. Some companies are your local companies and have years of experience. Other companies will respond to you first to show you that they care about the customer. Reputable companies are hard to find and Manhattan Moving and Storage is the best place to find some. Those are just some of the things you should take into consideration when choosing the best estimate for you.

    calculator on a pile of money
    You will sometimes have extra fees with tour estimate

    How to compare moving estimates and types of packages

    Most moving companies will send you a package that is pretty basic. Those types of packages include loading, unloading, and transport. In some cases even unpacking. Some companies charge extra for packing services so be certain that you’ve checked all the fine print in your estimate. There are also many other types of packages your company will send you so keep an eye out for additional services and fees.

    How to compare moving estimates with extra fees

    Some extra charges won’t be so obvious so we will just list some of them that can come up on your estimate. You can check some reputable moving sites for more information on those fees. From taking things apart to not being able to come near your house with a truck the reasons for an additional fee may vary.

    Packing and disassembling fees

    Sometimes a company can charge extra for big items that need to be dismantled and packaged separately. Items as big furniture or bathtubs might fall under this category.

    small girl playing a grand piano
    Disconnecting and carrying your grand piano might cost extra

    Extremely heavy items fee

    Some items that weigh a lot can be charged extra. Some of them can be smaller vehicles, grand pianos, or even big home appliances.

    Shuttle fees

    In some cases, your moving truck can’t come to your house. Be it for the small streets or your neighborhood doesn’t allow them. In any of those cases be ready to be billed for an extra fee.

    Having a bunch of moving estimates in front of you might seem like a big task at times. But let’s hope this article helped you learn to understand better how to compare moving estimates. Even if it seems like a lot of information coming at you at once, when you get a grip on it you will easily find the best option for you.


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