How to Estimate Moving Costs

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    Moving is often quite expensive. People usually start preparing their budget for at least four weeks in advance. In order to prepare well, you should get a couple of moving quotes. This way, movers will tell you the approximate price of your overall relocation costs. However, you can also try to estimate moving costs on your own. Here are all the things to pay attention to. 

    Estimate moving costs based on distance 

    There is a difference between long-distance and local moving. You can see it in their names. First of all, local moving is much cheaper due to the shorter distance. If your new home is in the 50-miles radius, your relocation will be seen as a local one. This means looking for local moving services when hiring a moving company. Movers will base the price on the time they need to complete your relocation. 

    On the other hand, if your new house is over 50 miles away, then, your relocation is categorized as a long-distance one. In this case, you need to find long-distance movers and services. This time, movers will pay attention to the distance and the weight of your items. The time required is not an important factor here. 

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    The greater distance, the higher price

    The number of your items 

    As mentioned before, if you want to estimate your moving costs, you need to pay attention to your items. The number of moving boxes will determine your overall costs. For this reason, you should declutter your home first. Make sure to throw away, sell, or donate all the things you are no longer using. You can organize a garage sale or sell your items on the Internet as this is quite popular today. As for making a donation, you can contact your local charities. However, it is better to contact a charity that organizes pick-ups. In addition to this, save a receipt so you can get a tax deduction.  

    Once you make your house presentable and clutter-free, contact Manhattan moving and storage companies. They will send a representative that will come to estimate your moving costs. In order to get the most accurate final amount, you need to show them everything. Give them a tour of your house, show all the items, so movers can see what they are dealing with. Since they have enough relevant experience, you will receive the estimate in a short period of time.  

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    The number of your items is important

    Estimate moving costs based on the complexity of your relocation 

    Lastly, if you need some special moving services, your relocation will be more expensive. For this reason, if you want to estimate moving costs, include the complexity of the job as well. Here is what it means in more detail. 

    • Large and heavy items – hot tubes, pool tables, piano, etc. 
    • Expensive items – art collection, pictures, vases, etc. 
    • Possible problems with loading – small doorways, stairs, elevators, no parking space, narrow streets, etc. 
    • Time of the move – summers are always more expensive than winters.  


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