How to find a roommate in NYC

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    It is hard for one to master the art of moving. When it comes to moving, help is more than welcome. But, not any kind of help. A special story is how to find a roommate in NYC.

    Dealing with the costs – find a roommate in NYC

    The decision has been madе. You are moving to New York City! Let’s say that you have found your perfect rental apartment that is stationed near Central Park. Divine isn’t it? You are going to watch NYC sunsets and mornings from your window. Nothing more to add to that picture. But, such an apartment demands a high cost of living. No matter how much do you earn, if you live alone, NYC can be expensive. So, you are thinking about how to find a roommate in NYC. Tricky task. And you have a deadline.

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    Enjoy mornings in NYC

    Find a partner in moving

    Somebody has to think about moving your belongings while you are thinking about how to find a roommate in NYC. Both complicated goals. Impossible to be done by one person. But we have news for you! Don’t worry about anything else except about finding the right roommate for you. Our movers NYC have enormous experience and skills to perform the move. For us, nothing is foreign. Moving local, commercial or long-distance. We can organize every detail in the process of moving.


    We are a reliable moving company in NYC and will help you along the way. Our experts can advise you through the process of moving, so you can deal with other issues. One of them is to find a roommate in NYC. Also, our experts can advise on that. Now, begin with organizing what are you going to pack and bring with you. Because we are going into the rental apartment. Our packing services NYC can include packing and unpacking your belonging in the right moving boxes. The moving boxes you can provide yourself or you are going to leave that to us. Professionals that we hire are highly skilled, full of strength and bright. They will make it happen for you.

    Pay attention to fragile things

    In the moving process, there is a lot to think about. Especially on fragile things like artwork, paintings, lamps, china, etc. You should mention that to your movers. We have developed services for moving art, pianos and fine items of furniture that have financial and emotional worthiness to you. But, you didn’t find a roommate in NYC yet. Set your mind on that.

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    The art of packing fragile things

    Tips on how to find a roommate in NYC

    Well, this won’t be an easy job, as you know by now. You should follow these steps:

    • Talk with your landlord
    • Make a plan in the new apartment
    • Narrow the search on your future neighborhood
    • Follow social networks
    • Listen to recommendations
    • Make an interview of selected candidates

    Talk with your landlord

    Before you decide to find a roommate in NYC, you should have a creative conversation with your landlord about that possibility. Some of them are not so thrilled about that idea because they will have two people in the apartment that they have prepared for one person. On the other hand, there are landlords that will embrace that possibility with both hands. Because they will have two people that are taking care of the apartment and he can chase both of them for rent. First, talk with the landlord.

    Make a plan in the new apartment- find a roommate in NYC

    When your decision is approved by the landlord, get to the job. Take a good look at your rental apartment, see what room is the best for you and grab it. You have got there first, right?! Then choose one room for the roommate. Depending on what kind of roommate do you need, you should organize the furniture that is already there. Let’s go find a roommate in NYC!

    Narrow the search for a roommate on your future neighborhood

    The best way to find a roommate in NYC that will suit your demands is to look in your neighborhood. Adds on finding a roommate one can find in the nearest coffee shops, in the supermarkets that are close to you, in your building, etc. This is all because someone that leaves that kind of notice in your building is interested in finding the apartment in your building. That is what you want. Or make ads for finding a roommate yourself. You’d be surprised how often these old-fashioned forms of advertising work even in the modern world!

    Follow social networks

    Another way, easier will be to follow adds on social networks. Friends of your friends surely have someone that is interested in beeing a roommate in NYC. Check that. Place an add yourself. How else to find a roommate in NYC? They probably know someone that is in search of a roommate too.

    Listen to recommendations

    A good way to find a roommate in NYC is to listen to recommendations. Your colleges at work can help you, or your friends as well. Talk to them and spread the word what kind of roommate do you need, how much is the rent, where is your apartment, etc. Quickly, you will hear from someone the recommendation you need. One important thing about this tip is that the risk is smaller. When we say risk, we think about letting one in your apartment sharing the bathroom and sleeping in the same apartment. You can agree that a roommate needs to be reliable in some way, even if you don’t know that person from before.

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    Place an add in order to find a roommate in NYC

    Make an interview of selected candidates in order to find a roommate in NYC

    Well, when you have selected two or three candidates set an interview. Interview is very important because you will find a roommate in NYC in that way finally. By talking to them and by making comparations between them you will be able to make the choice soon.


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