How to find affordable movers in NYC?

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    In nowadays, it’s quite usual that people tend to move more often than they did before. That’s even more often in a big city like New York where the real-estate market develops rapidly. It is therefore logical that moving across New York City causes great expense. But that doesn’t have to be the case with your relocation. There are several ways which can help you reduce moving cost and one of them is hiring a moving company. But, you can actually save money only by sticking to your budget. That is why you have to find affordable movers in NYC, which isn’t easy at all. Here we give you tips on how to hire an affordable and reliable moving company in the Big Apple.

    Where to look for affordable movers in NYC?

    In the era of rising costs, life in New York is not easy. New York is well known not only for its greatness and beauty but also as one of the most expensive cities in the world. As a New York newcomer or resident, you are wondering is it possible to find cheap movers? Hiring affordable movers in NYC seems like an impossible mission.  Is it wrong to assume that all cheap movers in NYC are suspicious and scammers? As a reliable moving company, Manhattan Movers NYC will offer you affordable and top-quality service. As we know how is demanding to move to a new home, we are here to make it easier for you.

    Moving could be difficult. Especially if you plan to do it only by yourself. Unfortunately, you should give up that idea because of a lack of equipment.  So it is natural that you should look for moving professionals for help. But that solution is not always cheap, clearly. Particularly if it is about a long-distance move. In this case, moving can cause serious costs. But what if you could find trustworthy movers who won’t leave you in debt? It sounds too good to be true, even suspicious. If they do exist at all, how do you find them?

    Get some recommendation for affordable movers in NYC

    Firstly, ask close friends if they have previous experience with the moving situation you’re dealing with. Family members, friends, and coworkers will give you trustworthy recommendations. On the other hand, you can ask them for help with packing, unpacking, and planing. With their help, you could save some money. But only if your moving is not urgent. If this is the case, it is necessary to hire a moving company. The professional crew that consists of experienced, skilled and trained movers will take the hassle out of your upcoming move.

    ask friends about affordable movers in NYC
    Ask your friends about reliable movers.

    Moving reviews

    The Internet can help you get to know about moving companies better. Take a look at the reviews and testimonials of the moving companies from the previous customers. Other opinions could be precious for you. Soon you will realize is it safe to hire affordable movers in NYC. Even if you use only partial moving services like storage units NYC, you should check reviews. Researching moving reviews is a good way to skip fraudulent movers.

    Look for affordable movers in NYC
    Take time and do your own research.

    Do a thorough check of the reliability in order to find affordable movers in NYC

    Although you might think that finding an affordable moving company is an easy task, that’s not exactly true. On the contrary, you can never be too careful when it comes to letting complete strangers deal with your belongings. Also, it’s hard to find affordable moving companies in NYC who offer excellent quality but stay within your budget. Here are some tips on ways to check a moving company before hiring them.

    • Compare at least three moving companies

    This step is essential. You can’t really determine if you’ve made the right choice if you don’t make a comparison. Only then you can see which one of the moving companies offer the best terms.

    • Check the quality of services affordable movers in NYC offer

    Logically, you don’t have a way to check the quality of services by yourself. That’s why you should start by reading the reviews from previous customers. Also, you can visit the facilities where the moving company in question keeps their equipment and supplies.

    • Do a background check

    Beside from searching for an affordable moving company, you have to pay attention to the reliability of the moving company. You have to take all necessary measures to avoid potential fraud or scam. The best way to do so is to do a check through the Better Business Bureau. This check-up will ultimately help you find affordable movers in NYC.


    a man figure searching
    The first thing you must do in your quest for affordable moving companies in NYC is a background check.

    Comparison of prices is necessary when looking for affordable movers in NYC

    One of the best ways to recognize an affordable moving company is to compare the estimated price of your relocation. This is a good opportunity to compare moving quotes and explore the enormous moving market in The City. But pay attention. Affordable moving companies in NYC won’t exaggerate and give you an offer which sounds too good to be true. They will propose an offer which is proportional to the quality of services they offer.

    Traits of reliable movers:

    • they must be licensed and insured.  The lack of a license could be a sign of a moving scam. Check the company’s USDOT number online to ensure the company is legitimate and registered at FMCSA.
    • accept all methods of payment – credit cards, checks, etc. Cheap service costs and cash as an only payment option, that could be a trap.
    • if they trying to skip giving you an estimate of the cost of moving. Reliable and affordable movers in NYC can offer you a free moving quote. If the only option is oral or telephone assessment, stay persistent in request about an on-site estimate.
    • have many years of experience. Therefore, their customers are satisfied and their crew is high-quality trained.

    Get some recommendations wherever you can

    Try getting information and recommendations from a friend, coworker or a family member. It is necessary you ask them about their previous experience with the moving situation such as yours. Don’t repeat their mistakes, but learn from them. Also, use the advantages of the internet and look up the website of a moving company. The presence on the internet and the appearance of the website can tell you how a professional moving company is. You should definitely pay attention to the reviews previous clients leave on the website. By doing that, you will be one step closer to finding affordable movers in NYC.

    Don’t hesitate. Negotiate.

    There’s nothing wrong in trying to low the price of moving in NYC. Especially today when everybody tries to save money wherever they can. So, don’t feel embarrassed to negotiate with an NYC mover. But if you still think you don’t have the right skills to do it, we bring you a few tips.

    Two people negotiating.
    Discuss with the NYC moving company about the price and the discount.

    Try booking the relocation as earlier as possible

    Don’t wait for the last moment to find and hire a moving company. Book the movers early, preferably two or three weeks prior to your relocation, because affordable moving companies have busy schedules.

    Consider moving during the “slow” season

    Although it’s by far easier to move in the summertime, we recommend you consider moving during the off-pick season. The prices are lower and the traffic in the busy NYC streets is lighter. The “slow” season lasts from Memorial Day until Labor Day.

    Don’t spend money on moving supplies

    Try bargaining with the moving company about free moving supplies, such as cardboard boxes. Surely you can’t use all of them, but you can use boxes that have been used gently. Keep in mind that your moving supplies have to be high-quality, so pick the supplies properly.

    Make your NYC moving more affordable with various discounts

    Many moving companies offer different kinds of discounts, for example for students or senior citizens. Also, they give a discount if you have coupons which you request online on the company’s website. Coupons will grant you an excellent discount on a percentage of the rates. You can get a discount for example for trailer or truck rentals or for the transportation services. If not so, you have various places to find great discounts.

    Affordable movers in NYC offer great discounts.
    You can find discounts everywhere, just keep on searching.

    Furthermore, in your quest for the affordable movers in NYC, try being flexible on the date and time for moving. Moving companies often offer you a discount if you agree that the movers do the move when suits them. Also, in case you’ve already used the services of the moving company, use that fact. Ask for a discount as a regular customer. 

    Caution! Beware of the fraudulent moving companies

    In a quest for the most affordable moving company, you will probably stumble upon scamming movers. Scamming movers in NYC will try to hide some additional moving costs from you. That’s why you first need to compare the price and the offer of the movers. In addition, you should consider the approach of the movers to a customer. There are so many signs of fraudulent moving companies if you pay attention.

    In conclusion, picking the right moving company takes time, especially if you’re trying to find affordable movers in NYC. You will have to make an effort to make your moving cheaper and subsequently save money. That’s why it’s crucial to hire moving help. In the end, you’ll save precious time by finding movers who value your money. Good luck!


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