How to find an apartment in Chinatown

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    New York City has so many popular and worldwide famous neighborhoods. One of those is Chinatown as well. As the name suggests, it is an ethnic enclave of Manhattan due to a large number of Chinese immigrants. This area is pretty unique as it has preserved the authentic spirit of Chinese traditional culture. You will hardly find any popular American food or clothing chains here. However, you will have no trouble finding dozens of Chinese restaurants and shops. Nowadays, it is slowly turning into a modern version of a Chinese neighborhood with newcomers looking for a place to rent or buy here. For this reason, find Chinatown movers, prepare your items, and find an apartment in Chinatown. Here is how to do it. 

    Renting options 

    As mentioned, Chinatown is an old Chinese neighborhood. Therefore, the majority of housing options are for renting. Many Chinese landlords prefer to rent their apartments to people rather than to sell them. If you plan to rent, you can find affordable apartments in this area. However, be careful when renting. Make sure to visit the place first. Check for all the common security issues in Manhattan buildings. Also, learn about Chinatown before your relocation. This will help you adapt better.

    How expensive is it to rent? Well, New York City is expensive. You can expect around $2,500 per month for a smaller apartment. If you want to something bugger, prepare to pay $3,000 or more. In addition to this, the location also plays a large role when determining the rental price. If you want to live close to Little Italy, it will be more expensive. The same applies to when living near Nolita. Those are tourist areas. Therefore, they are more expensive than some other parts of Chinatown. Make sure to plan your budget accordingly. Do not forget to add Manhattan Movers NYC when making your budget. It is always better to book moving professionals when relocating. 

    find an apartment in Chinatown in colorful Chinatown streets
    Chinatown is a unique place in NYC

    Find an apartment in Chinatown with help 

    It will be difficult to organizing everything on your own. You can try to find an apartment by yourself. See the online listings and make sure to visit the place before you sign any rental agreements. In addition to this, you should ask your friends if they know some good apartments to rent. You can do the same when looking for local movers Manhattan. 

    On the other hand, you can hire a real estate agent. This will certainly help to reduce stress caused by the apartment hunting experience. Some of the places that deserve your attention include the following. 

    • 19 Division Street 
    • 111 Mott Street 
    • 50 Bayard Street 
    Streets of Chinatown.
    Make sure to visit your possible future apartment

    What to pay attention to when renting 

    Landlords like to fill the space quickly but they usually need to renovate the place since the buildings are quite old. For this reason, they might offer a place for free for one month or so. You can try to negotiate the price if they fail to make such an offer. This is how to find an apartment in Chinatown. 


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