How to get an accurate moving estimate

How to get an accurate moving estimate

Every move requires a lot of planning and organizing. Without a good strategy, it will be easy to make beginners’ mistakes during moving. It means you will need to properly organize all the aspects of the moving process. And while you preparing to pack your entire life in boxes, you should be thinking about hiring residential movers NYC to help. Professional movers will make sure to get the best service for your upcoming move. Besides, what should really concern you is how to get an accurate moving estimate. In fact, as you’re creating your moving checklist, you’ll become aware of all expenses and moving costs. For this reason, we are here with a piece of advice you might be interested in. Follow this article and you will get what you need.

Request an on-site quote and you will get an accurate moving estimate

If you accept online or over the phone estimate, you will get an approximate idea of your moving costs, but it can never be accurate. If you want to get an accurate estimate, the movers will need to look at your home. They will need to check all items in your possession in order to determine the price of the service they will provide you with. As well as that, the must determine:

  • the weight of your shipment to give you an accurate moving estimate;
  • the necessity of extra services such as piano moving;
  • the time it will take to relocate your belongings;
  • how many movers will be needed?
  • specific obstacles in your home such as stairs that may have an impact on the final price.
Provide your estimators with precise information about items you plan to relocate.

It is crucial that your movers see first-hand how many items you have for relocation. As well as any obstacles in your home like the type of belongings you own might raise the estimate. That is the only way for them to make a realistic estimate. After they ensure to check all factors, they could tell you the actual cost of your move.

Get estimates from at least 5 moving companies

The best way to get an accurate estimate is to compare several offers. Rules are the same for both, for long-distance and local moving services. In order to manage the time, try to do all of them on the same day spaced one or two hours apart. Take the time off your regular schedule to interview movers. Stay organized and use the time between appointments to make notes. After  ”an estimate ” day, you will keep fresh information that could help you make the right decision.

get an accurate moving estimate
Once you have a written estimate, ask about anything that concerns you.

Make sure you are dealing with licensed and insured movers

Unfortunately, there are some fraudulent movers who offer unrealistically low estimates in order to attract more customers and trounce the competition. For this reason, you need to be careful and avoid moving scams. So check their USDOT numbers, review their websites, read online reviews and check the companies’ ratings with the BBB. Even if they can offer the best price for your move, don’t hire them before you ensure they are reliable. Only after you check they are trustworthy, get an accurate estimate and decide for the best offer.


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