How to get an accurate quote from Manhattan movers?

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Since moving is quite expensive, you need to prepare a moving budget on time. Usually, you should start saving money for your moving budget at least three months in advance. Depending on the size of your household, the distance to your new home, and the moving services used, you will usually pay at least $500 to $4000. For this reason, you need to get an accurate quote from Manhattan movers NYC in order to know how much money you need to say. Here are all the tips and tricks to follow when you contact your moving company for moving quotes. 

Contact your moving company 

First of all, you need to contact residential movers NYC and see if you can hire them. You should also hire a moving company at least two months in advance. Moving quotes are different depending on the season. Morning during the summer is the most expensive since many people have more free time and can organize relocation during the summer. On the other hand, if you can choose your moving date, choose the late fall, winter, or early spring since moving quotes are the lowest during these seasons. 

In addition to this, when you contact local movers NYC, you have to ask for an in-house estimate. Usually, movers will offer an online estimate. However, you cannot show your house and your items properly only through the camera. Your movers should come to your house so you can show them all the items you plan to move. Only when they see everything, they can make an estimate for your relocation. Keep insisting on an in-house estimate, especially if a moving company is close to you. 

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Contact your moving company to ask for an in-house estimate

Prepare your items to get an accurate quote from Manhattan movers 

When you schedule your estimate, you need to prepare your house and your items before movers come. This means decluttering your house. It is unnecessary to move every single item you own. For this reason, you should sell some items, donate them to charities, or simply throw them away. What you will do with your items depends on their condition. If they are in bad condition, then you could throw them away. However, if they are in good condition, they can be either sold or donated. 

Then, you should consider if you want to use professional packing services, special moving services, such as moving a piano, expensive household pieces, if you want to get additional moving insurance, and so on. You should make this decision before movers arrive for an estimate. You can also ask them for advice on whether you should get some of these services. Then, movers can also include these services in your estimate and give you an accurate quote. 

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Make sure to show to your movers everything you plan to move

All the steps to take 

As you can see, these would be all the ways to get an accurate quote from Manhattan movers. Once again, you should do the following. 

  • Contact movers at least two to three months in advance 
  • Ask for an in-house estimate 
  • Declutter your house before estimate 
  • Show movers everything 
  • Ask for additional services 


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