How to handle non-storable items

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    Storage is a great way to keep your items safe when you don’t have enough space, or if you are in process of moving. When you are moving, you will see that you can’t move all your belongings at once. There could be multiple reasons for renting a storage unit, but you only need one solution and that is storage NYC. However, this doesn’t mean you can put any kind of items in storage units. There are rules on what type of items are not allowed to be kept in storage. This creates confusion about how to handle non-storable items that don’t include throwing them away. For this reason, see what to do about your non-storable items. 

    The first step to learning how to handle non-storable items is to find what these items are 

    First, you need to know what non-storable means and what items it includes. The non-storable items are the ones that can’t be stored in storage units because of their special features. This usually includes items that are either dangerous or perishable. Perishable items have an expiration date, and even efficient long-term storage tips cannot help you. The non-storable items are the following.

    • Medicine 
    • Food 
    • Forbidden or dangerous items 
    • Plats 
    • Valuable items 

    Every storage company should have a list of non-storable items where you can check in the case of doubt. If you have more storable items than non-storable ones, you should definitely rent one. However, if you end up renting it, you should know how to properly maintain a storage unit to ensure the safety of your items. 

    person writing in the book
    Make or ask for a list of non-storable items

    What to do with medicine? 

    A normal household usually doesn’t have a big collection of medicines. However, if you have a larger family or seniors living with you, you might have to deal with a larger amount of medicine than anticipated. Medicine is a non-storable item because it is hard to find a place that isn’t too dark, light, wet, hot, or cold. As the medicine aren’t big in the size, you can easily take them with you. For the ones you won’t use anymore, you should dispose of medicine properly. 

    You cannot store food as well since they are perishable items. However, you can easily find a solution. Don’t buy new food one week before the move, and use the one you already have. It’s important to keep hydrated and nourished when packing with Manhattan movers NYC. If you do end up running out of groceries, only buy small amounts for the day so you don’t have to think about moving perishable food.

    a person is holding medicine and ready to handle non-storable items
    You cannot store medicine in your storage unit

    Forbidden and valuable items 

    When you need to handle non-storable items, there are a couple of ways to do it, and it mostly means to take them with you. This especially applies to valuable items as they will be the safest with you. This way you won’t have to worry about them, and you can focus on planning a move. If you still need a storage option, there are storage units with climate control and higher security. As for forbidden items, the reason why they are non-storable is that they are forbidden by law. You can’t store items like weapons, chemicals, gasses, fireworks, or anything that can burst into the flame. If you are not sure about some items, you can always check with the storage company. 


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