How to make a Manhattan moving plan?

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    In case you are to become a newcomer to NYC, Manhattan is an expensive city. And the relocation is a very demanding job. Hence, put those two together, and you have troubles just waiting to happen if you don’t do everything right! Don’t worry, we are here to help. The first and the most important tip is to make a Manhattan moving plan the moment you decide that you’re moving! With a good plan and exact implementation of that plan, you can’t have a problematic relocation. Our friends from several moving companies in New York City helped us prepare this guide for you to make a brilliant Manhattan moving plan. Join us and learn how to prepare for a move to The City with a style, and avoiding moving troubles and moving scams!

    A road to the perfect Manhattan move

    Make the recipe for a successful NY move- Make a Manhattan moving plan
    Manhattan moving plan is a recipe for your successful NYC relocation

    The starting point is the very moment when you decide that you’re moving. Don’t waste any of your time, because you are most likely to have lack of it as the moving day is nearing. Prepare for relocating to New York with a style. Make a detailed plan of everything to be done, with the schedule, and stick to it! This is the only way to move to New York City trouble-free. Here is what your moving plan should include (the most important elements):

    • Determine your moving budget- The more money you have, the better, given that you’re moving to an expensive city!
    • Find the reliable and reputable moving company- Be very careful with this, and avoid jumping into a Manhattan moving scam or hiring low-quality movers.
    • Take care of everything you need to do before you move- Changing the address, canceling the utilities, notifying people etc.
    • Determine who’s gonna do the packing- And make sure you get rid of the clutter. Get help for all the parts of relocation you’re doing on your own. You shall need it, and you could use some extra time spent with the people you love!
    • Make sure your new home is ready for you to move in- And do this way before your moving day, to avoid the awkward situations.

    Calculate the amount of money at your disposal

    Before everything, you need to know how much money you have for the relocation. Moving to NYC means moving to a lot more expensive place for life than almost anywhere you might be living now. Therefore, you should know what are your financial resources for the upcoming moving day. This will help you get the picture how expensive movers you can hire, or if you should do some part of the relocation by yourself. Hence, a very important thing to know before you start the preparations for the move.

    The most important thing of your Manhattan moving plan – Hire the quality and reliable moving company

    Given that the most of you have never moved before, or moved just a couple of times, you shall need a professional assistance for moving to NYC. But you need to be very careful. It’s essential that you avoid hiring the moving services of insufficient quality, or those that might turn out to be a moving scam. To do this, we suggest you take some time and put an effort in finding the best movers you can afford. There are several steps to hiring the top-quality home moving service in Manhattan:

    • Get the recommendations. Ask the people you trust to recommend you a moving company. They might have moved recently, or know some quality moving service. However, check twice if the company is reliable enough (are they licensed, are there any accusations of a moving fraud etc.). When talking about an affordable moving company offering top quality services, we suggest you consider hiring Capital City Movers NYC. They appear to be one of the companies our followers recommend the most.
    • Get to know the volume and the quality of the moving services you can expect. You can do this by receiving an offer with all the services the company offers. Also, you should check the reviews and see how satisfied the previous customers were with the moving company you’re considering.
    • Ask for the binding offer. That is the final offer with the exact price for your relocation. The moving companies can provide you with the binding offer if they come to your home and see the size of your relocation. Also, there are some other, modern tools helping you do that faster. There are the exact moving quote calculator and the video estimate. So your mover could provide you with the binding estimate lot faster, without even entering your home.
    • Compare the companies. See what you get hiring each moving company, and how much you pay for it. And there you go, you’ve found your mover!
    The first thing on the checklist of your Manhattan moving plan should be hiring the reliable movers
    Hiring the reliable movers should be the first thing on a checklist of your Manhattan moving plan

    Make sure you do everything you should before the move

    • Notify your boss that you’re moving (perhaps he/she could help you with finding a job in NYC)
    • Change your address, take care of your car registration and things like that.
    • Cancel the utilities. You don’t want the bills to keep coming after you move.
    • Talk to your beloved way in advance. Especially if moving long-distance.
    • Make sure you hire the cleaning company to clean your previous home after you leave it.

    Who’s doing the packing?

    In case you’re hiring movers to do this, you may sit down and relax. If not, then you need to learn how to pack everything. If you’re not sure how to pack something, consult your moving company, or hire them to pack those few things rather than risking to damage or break them. Also, get rid of anything you are not sure if you’re gonna use it after the move. Moving to Manhattan in most cases means moving to a smaller apartment, so don’t bring too many items.

    Collect the packing supplies (moving boxes, dot tape, labels, markers, scissors, wrapping materials etc.) and get the assistance for the packing day(s). You will need it. And you could make a fun out of it if you bring your friends to help you! We suggest you take this part of your Manhattan moving plan seriously, given that the packing process is a very demanding task. It takes your time and effort.

    Prepare your new home for moving in

    Before your moving day comes, check if your NYC home is ready for moving in. (We definitely suggest you find the housing before you move to Manhattan). Don’t get in that embarrassing situation of coming to a new home and realizing that you need to stay in a hotel until it’s ready. These things happen all the time. The previous tenants might have left some damage behind them, or they won’t come out on the day they should, or your landlord didn’t arrange the repairs and the cleaning on time, etc.

    These were the basic things for your Manhattan moving plan. Of course, all of them will consist of several activities. So make sure you make the plan for your Manhattan move ASAP. That way, you won’t forget to do anything. If you have some further questions, or you want to consult us regarding your plan for the NYC move, we are at your disposal!


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