How to make your new apartment feel like home?

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    Have you recently moved into a new apartment? Congrats! If we’re being honest, this is a change most of us would welcome in our lives. And especially if you’ve finally got your own place – you can relax and enjoy the privacy and comfort! But when you move into a brand new place, there are always a few kinks to work out before the place truly feels comfortable. And at first, you don’t necessarily feel at ease there – that takes time, and putting in a bit of effort into decorating your Manhattan apartment. But don’t worry – if you want to know how to make your new apartment feel like home, you’re at the right place!

    First and foremost – cleaning

    When people move into a new place, they naturally want to make the place truly their own. What’s the first thing you do after a moving company like Dynamic Movers NYC unloads your stuff? You start unpacking and placing it everywhere. Of course, that’s only logical – you want to leave your mark on the place. But even though wanting to make your new apartment feel like home is only natural; don’t start big. Many people make the mistake of starting a big redecoration, but without covering all of their bases first. And what do we mean by that? To clarify – we’re talking about cleaning.

    Of course, you probably haven’t moved into a dirty apartment, we’re not trying to say that. But you should definitely do a deep cleaning session before doing anything else, regardless. Trust us – this will prove doubly useful. First of all, you will obviously have a cleaner environment. But on the other hand, by cleaning, you’ll get to know every nook and cranny of your new apartment. By the time you’re done, you will truly feel like you know this place as well as your old home. Also, in the process you will remove any traces of the previous owners or tenants – you will really start feeling at home here.

    A vacuum cleaner used on a blue carpet, in order to make your new apartment feel like home.
    A deep clean is a great start if you want to make your new apartment feel like home!

    Make sure the lighting suits you

    As we’ve already mentioned – when you’re working to make your new apartment feel like home, you want to start with the smaller things. And then move up to more ambitious projects! So, in line with that, here’s our next piece of advice. After moving your household, take a look at the lighting scheme in the new apartment. Of course, it may just be that the lighting suits you perfectly – but otherwise, you’ll need to do some work on it. And if you haven’t got much natural light, then this will mean working on the artificial¬†one.

    So, get a few lamps and strategically place them around the room. If the main light isn’t particularly strong, then this is basically a must. Also, get brighter light bulbs if the current ones aren’t doing the job. Though we do recommend using LED lights – you may not like the initial cost, but trust us; you’ll be saving a lot of money down the road. And after you’ve done all of this, you’ll start seeing your apartment better and more clearly; but more importantly, it’ll start feeling like a place of your own.

    Many light bulbs hanging from a ceiling.
    Having proper lighting is really important for adjusting to a new apartment.

    Make your new apartment feel like home with a pop of color

    Once you’ve set up the proper lighting for all of your rooms, you can finally move onto the bigger stuff. Because right around this time, you’ll be able to figure out one important thing: how do you feel about the color of the walls? Sure, many people would disregard this as a non-issue, especially with how difficult finding an apartment in Manhattan is. But let’s be realistic – the color of any room you’re in will affect your mood greatly. Also, it’s not a hunch of ours either – it’s a well-known fact of psychology. And if you’re not satisfied with the colors in your new place, how will you make your apartment feel like home?

    Of course, if you’re renting – you’ll need to have a chat with your landlord about this. But you’ve bought a place of your own, this is entirely your decision. So, start thinking about what color you want the walls to be. And start looking forward to the painting – because there’s really no better way to leave your mark on a place than a big old paint job! By the time you’re done, you’ll basically have an entirely different apartment – and one where you’ve made the important choices.

    Four roller brushes in different colors, leaving a trace on a white wall.
    Introducing some new colors will do wonders for your apartment!

    Hanging some art

    Once you’ve got your freshly-painted walls in a color of your own choosing – it’s time to put the finishing touches on that project. And if you’re asking us, that would mean only thing – hanging up some art on those walls. Really, having blank walls of any color can feel weird, and even alienating. But if you hang a work of art, the room immediately gains an identity of its own. Also, if you’ve already a painting you’ve hung in old apartments – even better! You’ll have a piece of your old home in your new one.

    Making every room truly your own

    At the end of the day, the walls are basically the scenery of every room. And sure, their look is important – but the contents of the room matter more. That’s why we recommend making a few purchases to make your new apartment feel like home. And what we mean by that is – putting some of your own furniture in every room. Think about it – every room is dominated by one landmark furniture piece. Whether it’s a brand new bed, or a dining room table – perhaps a living room couch; every room has one. And if your items are the ones breathing life into every room, you’ll truly start feeling at home there.


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