How to maximize space in your new Manhattan apartment

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    You’ve finally moved to Manhattan. A really amazing place to live. The movers from Manhattan Movers NYC unpacked your stuff and you are ready to start a new chapter in your life. But you are faced with a different type of challenge. How to maximize space in your new Manhattan apartment? If you are moving to this part of New York you probably already heard that it’s an expensive and not so spacious part of town. Here are some tips on how to open up more space in your apartment.

    Get storage space

    If you are moving with more stuff than you can fit in your new apartment there is an easy fix. Just get yourself some storage space. You can’t throw away or sell something that has value to you. Get some Manhattan storage and be reassured your items are safe. In addition, if you get a bigger apartment you can always pick your items from the storage.

    locked lock
    If you don’t need all your items put some in the storage


    How to maximize space in your new Manhattan apartment using tricks

    You can’t buy new furniture or invest in storage space? We have a solution for you. Painting your walls in a darker color will make your rooms look bigger. That’s only one of many residential moving tips that can help you. But it doesn’t end there. If you want to open up some more space, hang some mirrors around. Even if you live in a very smart apartment the reflections will make it look like there is more space than it really is.

    How to maximize space in your new Manhattan apartment by being organized

    When you live in a small apartment it can easily look dirty even if you clean it often. Why? Because even a misplaced bag can give a messy look to your home. That’s why you need to take advantage of your space to the maximum. If you have clothes hanging on beds and stools, buy some hangers and try to fit them in the closet. Also if you finally have your local movers in Manhattan bring your stuff to the apartment take a hard look at them. You will most likely have stuff that you don’t need anymore, so this is the perfect time to get rid of the excess.

    A well tidied up kitchen
    Organized space will look better and bigger

    Donate or sell excess stuff

    When you unpack you will surely find dozens of items you will not use anymore. Instead of throwing them away donate or sell them. There are many charitable organizations that are just waiting for your help. But that’s not all. If you think some of your items have some value, why not sell them? A yard sale in Manhattan is a bit out of place, but that’s why there are online markets. Put an old piece of furniture or the toaster you don’t use on Craigslist and make a quick buck while getting rid of excess stuff. It will be worth it, either way, you want to look at it.

    You may be living in a smaller apartment but living in the Big Apple is worth it. And besides, we gave you some great tips on how to maximize space in your new Manhattan apartment. Try and make the best out of them and enjoy your new home to the fullest!


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