How to move a masterpiece?

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    Pieces of art have great value. They are not just very expensive but also have a high artistic value. Multiply that worth if any of those pieces of art is actually a masterpiece. For those reasons, professionals are a must and reputable and reliable movers NYC need to be employed in this type of endeavor. But how to move a masterpiece exactly? As many masterpieces have different shapes and sizes, your regular packing into a box isn’t going to do the trick. Here are some tips on how to move a masterpiece without damaging it.

    Move a masterpiece with the help of professionals

    If you want a job done well, you do it yourself, right? Well no, not really. You might be able to pack it yourself but do you really want the responsibility of ruining an expensive piece of art? Therefore it’s time to check out fine art movers NYC to get the job done without stress and worry about potential failures. Don’t take any risks with your most valuable items.

    professional mover packing
    Hire professionals whenever you can

    How to move a masterpiece without damaging it?

    The best way to safely transport your masterpiece is hiring professional packing services NYC so you have complete trust that the job will be done. If you for some reason still proceed to try to do it yourself, here are some tips. Firstly, boxes are the key to moving art. Depending on the size of your art you need to choose your box. Bigger pieces of art need a box that will be slightly larger than the masterpiece itself. On the other hand, smaller art pieces can be packed together in a box but you will have to take extra safety measures.

    How to wrap up a masterpiece?

    Wrapping paper and bubble wrap need to be applied. You can’t use a newspaper or old paper for this type of move. This isn’t your regular residential move in Manhattan so be careful not to relax too much if you are off to a good start. Always be sure that you applied protective tape all over your art so nothing happens to it during the move.

    girl rolling bubble wrap
    Bubble wrap will be of great help

    Mark your box and test it out

    Your masterpiece is in a box so use as many markers as you can. Emphasize at all costs that in that box there is a fragile item so that when the movers arrive they know that your masterpiece is packaged there. And if you decided to move it yourself test it out first before you get it moving. Shake your box around a bit and see if the art still fits it nicely. If there is too much movement you might want to change the box size. You don’t want your masterpiece to get damaged during the move.

    Moving a masterpiece has a lot of challenges so your best move is to always hire professionals. Don’t risk potential damages that are irreparable just because you can do it yourself. Just look at the National Gallery of Art and imagine they were reckless with those beautiful pieces of art. Take as much precaution as you can and follow our tips on how to move a masterpiece. That way, your art will arrive at your new address safe and sound.


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