How To Move Antique Furniture tips

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    When you move antique furniture, you need to have a lot of things in mind. For example, you cannot let any damage to happen, or you cannot misplace certain parts of it. There are also some packing and transporting issues you need to think about. However, we have prepared a short guide to inform you a bit better about it. We sincerely hope that you will find it useful!

    Not all antiques are furniture, but it does not make them any less valuable
    Antique watches are hard to break but almost impossible to fix, take good care of them

    How to move antique furniture?

    In order to move antique furniture, you need to be prepared to do it first. If you are by any means uncertain, consider hiring professional packers. However, if you trust your capabilities, here is what you should do:

    • Prepare well. You need to prepare your antique furniture for the move. This is not as simple as moving your table or a chair is – it is much more than that. Think of your antique things as priceless. Chances are there are a few of them left in the entire world, so why risk it? Prepare good and you should be fine. Moreover, make sure that you have a backup plan and enough safety measures. You can never be too sure.
    • Packing is crucial. A lot of things can go wrong during packing. However, when you need to move antique furniture, this is the last thing that should happen to you. Thus, packing is a crucial step. Your items can get broken, damaged, scratched, etc, during packing only, let alone transport. Thus, include packing in your preparation plans. Get bubble wrap or anything else you might need for your move. Trust us, it will be a life-saver! This is not like knowing how to pack artwork, it is much more important, keep it in mind.
    Sometimes a cardboard box is enough, but that is not always the case
    When you need to move antique furniture, keep in mind that packing is the most important step for their safety

    Some things to keep in mind:

    Since your antique furniture is priceless to you, you should make it your priority during the move. Organize your move according to your antiques. It will be easy for you to adapt to any situation, but you cannot afford to lose your prized possessions. Thus, always make sure to:

    • Keep your antiques safe. You can do this by getting good packing supplies and protection. Learn what goes along with your items and you’ll do a much better business. However, you need to keep in mind that you can always rely on a moving company if you are not sure. They are professionals who will take care of your items. Just give them a call and you’ll be safe.
    • Read guides. Read more things on the Internet about this topic. The best thing would be to find a guide about the specific piece of equipment that you have. That way your move will be a much safer one. Not to mention that you will keep your prized possessions!
    When you need to move antique furniture, the safest way to go is to call a professional moving company
    Do not hesitate to call for help whenever you need it – especially with antique items


    When you move antique furniture, keep in mind that it should be your top priority. You can adapt to your move, but your antiques cannot. Thus, always make sure to have them safe and sound. We hope that this guide helped you at least a bit! Good luck!


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