How to Move Fine Art and Sculptures

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    Moving can be a complex and demanding process. Proof to this is many days you spent on properly packing your belonging. In case you are a collector of fine art and sculptures, packing that collection or individual items present an extra set of concerns. Facing a move fine art and sculptures from one home to another can make your moving process extra stressful. After you imagine potential struggles, the only solution on your mind will be taking professional help. Undoubtedly, you will hire an experienced moving and packing service provider for your treasured collection. Additionally, our best fine art movers NYC will provide you with a few tips to help you understand the process or even help you with a DIY project. Will you transfer all your high-value items successfully and without damaging any of them? Or you will completely rely on fine art movers? Let’s see a better option.

    Special considerations before you move fine art and sculptures

    Sculpture and fine art could be bulky, heavy, delicate, and irregular shapes. Consequently, any tiny damage to them during a move could potentially ruin their value. Besides, your fine art is not just an item for you. It is much more and very often it has a huge emotional value for its owner or even the whole family.

    Moving a large sculpture is harder than moving a small painting, but each may be worth thousands and thousands of dollars. If you did not realize yet, you will need to create a good plan to move fine art and sculptures without a bad scenario. If your new home is not large enough to host all the artwork you own, renting a New York storage unit can solve that problem. However, some standard methods used during packing to help protect the value of your collection. Check out the following tips for moving your artwork.

    Your artwork has a special value for you.

    Moving Paintings

    First and foremost, you will need to address moving the fine art and sculptures separately from your other personal belongings. Be extremely careful about each piece to make sure that you full its unique needs. Paintings will probably require the most attention. Build a wooden crate around the painting and disassemble it upon arrival. This crate protects paintings against humidity and any other damaging situations. On the other hand, if you have doubts about your experience and haven’t time to do this, consider getting help from Manhattan Movers NYC. You won’t need to look for materials and supplies, we got it all. Moreover,  we know these items are not only delicate, but they also have big sentimental value. We will handle your collection with the biggest care.

    Move Fine Art and Sculptures
    Learn how to prevent potential damages to your fine art.

    Moving Sculptures

    Famous Big Apple is a home for many artists. Moreover, many young artists working in New York right now. And if you are among those who plan to move fine art and sculptures to the other part of NYC, stick to our tips. Sculptures come in irregular shapes and sizes and must be packed individually. So the crating with a foam padded crate is the only and best option. It will protect your sculpture from transportation damage, even in extreme circumstances. Nevertheless, be sure to measure entryways and doors. It is necessary to determine in advance if the sculpture will fit through.


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