How to overcome Manhattan office relocation challenges

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    Office relocation can be a reason for a celebration. You have finally outgrown your current place, and you are looking for something that suits your business better. Or you have found a perfect new location that’ll make your business flourish even more. Whatever the case may be, it is a good thing. However, office relocation is not only a huge decision but can have many challenges that can hinder your work. In order to not let that happen, before you start looking for the best movers in Manhattan read this guide on how to overcome Manhattan office relocation challenges.

    Overcome Manhattan office relocation challenges: focus on communication

    You need to let your clients know about the move even before you start packing for your office relocation. If you just move without informing them, they might think the store or company has closed for good. So, tell them about the relocation, the new address, and everything else they may need to know.

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    To overcome Manhattan office relocation challenges, you have to talk with your clients and customers and inform them of the relocation

    How to prevent Manhattan office relocation challenges: plan ahead

    With every office relocation comes a period of time when you won’t be able to work as the equipment is not set up, or not everything necessary for working has been prepared. In order to minimize this time as much as possible, it is important to plan everything ahead. Prepare a blueprint of where furniture, equipment, and other items will be. Plan every little thing so you will have nothing to worry about once the time for relocation comes. This way, you will save as much time as possible. And do not forget to take into consideration the special items you may possess if you wish to solve Manhattan office relocation problems. These things might need a special kind of packing and moving. If you own fine art, hire the right fine art movers NYC offers, and everything will be moved without being damaged.

    Decrease in productivity

    Moving still takes time, no matter how small you think your team is. You need time to plan, pack everything properly, move, and unpack. In the best-case scenario, you will need two days to finish all of this. However, most of the time, moving will take longer. So, you have to take into consideration the productivity losses of your team. That’s why many companies decide to have their relocation during weekends or a holiday. In this case, you will have to be ready to pay more for your move as most people choose those days for their move as well. Another solution to this problem may be having your employees work from home or other locations while the office is being moved. Consult your IT team to make sure everything works perfectly until your new office is ready.

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    If possible, hire the moving company that will be available on weekends, so you won’t risk productivity losses

    Find and hire a professional moving company

    The most important part of the moving process is finding the right movers. Everything lies in their hands. Therefore, if you wish to relocate your office fast and easily, research the commercial movers Manhattan offers. They must have the right people, equipment, supplies, and experience in this field. Verify the licensing of any moving company you decide to hire, ask them about everything you need, and make sure you understand the things they mention. Those instructions they tell you, you then have to explain to your employees. Once everyone understands the responsibilities they have, you are one step closer to overcoming all Manhattan office relocation challenges.

    IT challenges

    In all that hustle and bustle of your office relocation, you must not forget the IT problems that might occur. You have to have up-to-date backups of your data and also pay attention to potential security risks. You never know when that important data can end up in the wrong hands. So, make sure the drop-off points are monitored by CCTV cameras or security personnel. Take into account the time you will need to pack the electronic devices and set everything back up – computers, workstations, routers, power supplies, and so on.

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    You have to pay attention to the security of your data when relocating your office

    Additional things that will help you overcome challenges while relocating the office to Manhattan

    Besides hiring full service movers NYC has to offer, planning, and communicating with your clients and employees, there are more things you can do to prevent Manhattan office relocation problems. Here are a few more of them:

    • Listen to your employees and their worries. As much as the relocation is stressful for you, it can also be hard on your employees. Hear them out and do everything you can to make this transition comfortable for them too. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing your employees.
    • Invest in new equipment if you’re able to. What better opportunity to change your old and faulty equipment than when you’re moving? When you start packing, go over all your stuff and see which items can still be kept and which ones cannot hold any longer. Throw away the things that can no longer be useful, and you’ll have fewer things to pack.
    • Notify current office providers of your relocation. Office relocation is much more complex than home relocation. In order to overcome Manhattan office relocation challenges, notify your postal services, banks, government departments, and other important providers of your change of address.

    Final thoughts

    Many problems may occur when you are relocating your office if you don’t plan everything thoroughly. However, if you’ve taken into account everything we’ve mentioned so far, your move will be a breeze. Anyone can overcome Manhattan office relocation challenges as long as they start on time and go through the above-mentioned points. Once everything is done, enjoy your new office!




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