How to Pack a Piano When Moving

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    Moving the piano is a very complicated process where the owner and professional movers have to work together and carefully realize each step. Whether you’re a musician or just own a piano, experts recommend hiring professional movers instead of trying various DIY ideas from Internet videos and blogs. Although many people hire professional piano movers, that service is more pricey than hiring regular movers who will do the same job! If you’re interested in getting to know important things about how to pack a piano when moving, you’ll find our article very useful! Take look at the essential things you should keep in mind while moving your piano! 

    pack a piano when moving
    Preparing your piano for a move can be quite difficult!

    Prepare materials before you pack a piano when moving

    Looking forward to packing a piano when moving? Then, you should know that packing a piano is the same as packing fragile and expensive items from your house. This means you need to provide extra protection during transport because of the risks of potential damages and accidents. We can agree that the piano is often expensive and valuable item, and repairing the damage can cost a fortune. So, you need to make sure you get all the necessary supplies and materials to safely and securely move your piano. Whether you have an upright piano or baby grand piano, try to gather a few blankets for protection. Blankets will protect the piano from scratches or breaking. You can also use old towels and blankets to cover the piano. While preparing materials, consider some tips on cleaning before moving out.

    black and white picture of a piano
    Make sure you get all necessary supplies and materials

    Preparation part two

    Then you can wrap blankets with tape to secure your piano during transport. Padding and moving blankets can protect the piano from bumps and cracks. If you want extra protection you can purchase or rent heavy-duty straps to provide a better hold on the piano itself. A furniture dolly can support the weight of the piano, while straps can secure the piano to the dolly in the moving truck. If you own grand piano, you need to know that it is more complicated to move so you will need more supplies. Maybe you can purchase some piano skid board on a budget to handle the piano move.

    Make sure you measure doorways and staircases

    Before you try to pack a piano when moving, make sure you measure doorways and staircases. Imagine moving your piano and realizing it can’t go through the door? If you don’t want to get in trouble like this, measure the space in your home that the piano will pass through. Measure all doorways and staircases and see if you can manage to move your piano. Before you move a piano, let your doors open, floors protected from scratches and remove all furniture that stands your way. You can cover sharp edges on the doorway with proof bumpers or towels to prevent damages. Distance from your home to the truck is not the biggest problem. Staircases can be a serious issue. If your piano is heavy you will need more people to move it. 

     Pack a piano when moving and pick the right movers

    We have already mentioned that you shouldn’t try to move a piano by yourself. So you need to find reliable and affordable movers. The fact is that hiring piano movers will cost you more than hiring regular movers for the same job. Statistics have shown that for a vertical piano you’ll need 3 movers and up to 6 movers for a grand piano. Movers’ hourly rate is usually from $25 to $40. If you’re about to pack a piano when moving, you should know that pianos usually weigh between 300 to 1,000 pounds, sometimes even more. The price of a quality piano goes upwards of $100.000! This is why you should hire professional movers. It is important to handle and transport instrument safely, and if you’re really not on a budget, you can ask your friends to help.  But experts still recommend investing in professional movers because they can provide special equipment and handle your piano safely and securely.  With professionals in your mind learn how to avoid fraudulent movers.

    Gather your friends

    Even if you’re going to hire professional movers to relocate your pian. You can reduce costs by involving some of your friends or family members in the process. Instead of hiring 6 movers, you can hire 2 professional movers and bring 4 friends to help. You can assemble a strong team and maybe some neighbor with experience of moving and lifting heavy items. You need to build a team with trust, appropriate moving clothing and don’t forget to offer them something for their help and effort. That can be a favor in return or relaxing time with beer and pizza! And on top of that, you might alongside your friends learn how to declutter while packing. That’s how you can save some money when packing a piano when moving! 

    girl playing the piano
    Make sure to cover all these steps for a safe move.

    Use gloves and protect the keyboard

    Handling and packing a piano is a delicate job because the piano is made of sensitive wood and gentle surface. If you are not careful you can cause damages and scratches. If you are comfortable you can use gloves while packing. The first step when packing a piano is to close and lock the keyboard lid so it won’t open during the move and keys will be protected. If you’re not able to lock it, you can wrap the piano. But don’t use the tape to keep the lid closed because it will damage the piano’s surface. You can put something to cover a piano before you wrap it. Moreover, in case you do not hire professionals here are some pros and cons of DIY move.

    Pack a piano when moving: Lifting the Piano

    Lifting a piano is not a job for just one person. It’s the same as moving and lifting heavy furniture. Depends on how heavy it is, you will choose the number of movers and friends. Whether you are going to lift the piano onto the furniture dolly, a moving truck or another location, remember to not to lift it by its legs! Piano legs are extremely vulnerable and fragile. Just keep the piano in an upright position. If you let it lay on its side, that will not be good for the inner mechanics. If two people are going to move a piano, both should stand on each end of the piano. And place the moving straps under the piano’s bottom with a strap on each end. One person should hold one each end of each strap. While other movers should help lift the piano onto the truck. Then you can secure it and see if the piano legs are sitting flat.  



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