How to pack artwork for moving?

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    If you are an art lover and have found a new home, the question of how to properly pack artwork for moving will surely find its place on your agenda. Moving can be a challenging and somewhat demanding endeavor. With the artwork in the equation – it can take a whole other level. The best way to handle this challenge is with the help of an expert; with the right NYC moving company things can run smoothly and your valuable pieces safely reach its final destination.

    When you have in mind how valuable each piece of art is, surely the last thing you want for any of them is to end up being damaged or scratched. But if you treat your fine art properly, the risks are reduced to a minimum. If you follow the instructions we have provided in this article, and ideally, include the experts in this field, you can rest assured that your pieces of art will reach its destination intact.

    Stages to pack your artwork for moving

    Generally, there are two stages to packing your art pieces:

    1. Proper packing and protection of your artwork
    2. Padding the box artwork will be placed in

    There are different ways in which you could provide appropriate protection for each piece you would like to ship to your new address. The size, the material, the type of art piece is what determines how it would be packed and treated during the transport. In choosing the material which you would use to pack your artwork for moving (tapes and boxes) you can decide between ones of higher quality and lower quality. Of course, when you have in mind how precious and, quite often expensive, such pieces are, our recommendation is with ones of better quality.

    A sculpture.
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    How to pack framed artwork and paintings

    You can pack prints, paintings, and statues in an artwork box or a mirror box. In some specific cases, when you have large, bulky items, a custom crate can be the best solution. You can always ask for our professional packing services NYC, our advice, and we can assist in every way possible.

    Steps during packing

    • Mark an ‘X.’ This is applicable when your painting has a glass cover. You should use masking tape and mark an ‘X’ over the glass and protect painting before further packing. It will protect the glass and prevent eventual breaking. You won’t do this in case you have painting without glass cover.
      Plastic wrap. In case your picture does not have a glass cover, it is crucial to protect the painting in a way that does not damage the surface of your artwork.
    • Cardboard corners. You should use cardboard corner protectors for your artwork, especially if the frame of the picture is valuable.
    • Bubble wrap. One layer of bubble wrap sometimes is just enough, but it is always better to make it double-layer protection. Check not to leave edges of your artwork exposed and unprotected. You can finalize this process by using packing tape. Just make sure that you do not tape any part of the painting (canvas or frame).
    • Prepare and secure the box. Put some paper at the bottom before actually placing your artwork in the box. Then test the box – move it carefully back and forth and check if anything is moving. If that is the case, you should add more padding and make sure that everything is fixed and stays put.
    • Tape the boxes and label them. Once you’ve done with checking, seal the boxes and label them as ‘artwork’ since movers should be aware that items are fragile. They shall take extra care.

    Packing sculptures

    Packing sculptures can, at times, be a challenging task. Besides the fact that, as any artwork, should be packed and treated with care, they often come in shapes that could bring this challenge to the next level.

    • Cover the sculpture with cling wrap and protect the finish. Check if you included every section and do not miss any part.
    • Use bubble wrap, and wrap it around the parts of the sculpture which seem more fragile.
    • Once you secure fragile parts, use bubble wrap, and protect the entire sculpture. When you complete wrapping, you can continue and place your artwork in a box.

    As with the method described with paintings, secure the box with enough padding, then check if everything is properly fixed and that artwork is not moving inside the box.

    A sculpture.
    Sculptures ask for special attention during the move.

    At times, when you have an extremely fragile, delicate, or massive piece of art with a higher risk of damage during the transport, you might consider providing a customized moving crate. They are typically made of wood and are proven protection to any type of artwork.

    Consider insurance while moving your artwork

    You can always consider the option of extra insurance when moving your pieces of fine art. Especially in cases in which you have an expensive piece and any damage would affect its value and, most probably, your nerves. It is a good thing to avoid risks, or at least, reduce them to a minimum. As always, you can count on our experts to help you with all the necessary details and make sure that your artwork is safe and well protected during the process. You want only professionals to whom you can entrust this undertaking. We guarantee that our experienced team will move your art with caution.

    A chandelier that you need to take care when you pack artwork for moving.
    Fragile artwork must be handled with care.

    Count on us to pack your artwork for moving

    We agreed that moving is a challenging and often stressful task for many. It is not a surprise that it is so. Transporting all your personal belongings from one location to another is not an easy endeavor. We agree that it can get overwhelming and exhausting, especially when you have to add packing of the artwork in the equation. But with fine art movers NYC by your side, there really is nothing to concern you. We can provide you with the help of skilled professionals with vast experience. Our movers use high-quality materials to pack and protect your artwork, and we assure you that there is nothing to worry about.


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