How to Pack for an NYC Move in 2 Weeks or Less

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    The experts recommend that you should start packing at least six weeks before the move. Well, in an ideal situation that is feasible. But, what to do when you have to learn how to pack for an NYC move in 2 weeks or less? How to organize packing? And, how to find the best movers NYC has to offer? Moving in a rush is not easy. So, to help you with the task, we will present here some tips. Following them, you will be able to complete the move preparation timely, and to pack all your possessions safely.

    Reasons for packing in a hurry

    Reasons to pack in a hurry can be various. However, the most common among them are:

    • short notice
    • procrastination

    Either way, preparing your move in such a short period may feel extremely overwhelming. But, panicking will not help you in this situation. So, calm down and decide if you will do the preparations yourself, or you would rather get help from moving service NYC, which is always advisable.

    A person packing after learning how to pack for an NYC move in 2 weeks.
    Good organization is one of the answers on how to pack for an NYC move in 2 weeks.

    Learn how to pack for an NYC move in 2 weeks or less

    To make it easier to follow, we will divide 2 weeks (14 days) into phases. And for each step, we will assign the number of days that you will need:

    1. preparation period (first 2 days)
    2. getting organized (days 3 and 4)
    3. packing (days 5 to 10)
    4. finalizing preparations (days 11 to 14)

    Getting prepared for your move

    During this phase, you will need to get moving boxes and packing material. Also, you will need to take care of travel arrangements, utility bills, etc.

    Moving boxes and supplies

    Anyone who was moving before knows that the packing phase is the longest one. And the most demanding. So, to have a smooth moving process, you have to get all necessary moving supplies timely. In case you find out that you are short of supplies, you will have to stop packing, and going to buy additional materials will take up your already short time. However, in the case of going around the city and fetching supplies, you can organize it differently. There are places where packing supplies NYC can all be found.

    Other tasks to complete while packing for an NYC move in 2 weeks or less

    During this period you can also make travel arrangements for yourself and the family. Give a call to utility companies, and arrange the utility transfer to your new home. This is also the right time to review your moving insurance. And, in case of a DIY move, don’t forget to check if your friends and relatives are free to give you a hand.

    Thoughtful couple writing in notebook while moving house.
    Make a moving plan.

    Getting organized for your move

    Start this phase with decluttering. Regardless if you are moving locally or long-distance, the torn, broken, or surplus items should be taken away. This will additionally help you to know how many items will you need to pack. Also, to gain some time, start packing immediately all the items that you will not need in the next two weeks. You can also set aside cooking utensils, clothing, toiletries, and other essentials that you will need until the last day in the old home. When you start like this, you will know how to pack for an NYC move in 2 weeks quickly.

    Time to start packing

    By this time, you have hopefully completed decluttering. And packing many non-essential items. So, now is the time to go room by room and pack all your remaining belongings. When packing, stay organized. By packing items systematically, it will be easier to unpack them once the local movers NYC bring them to your new location.

    Prepare each moving box before packing

    To do so,  start by checking the box bottom side. Make sure it is properly sealed, so it will not give up after packing. After that, place some bubble wrap at the bottom. That will help to caution items you intend to place inside. Of course, in the case of packing linen and clothes, they don’t need such a protective layer.

    Put the carefully wrapped items inside the moving box. Take care not to overload the box, or to squeeze the items too much. After the box is full, fill the gaps with packing peanuts. Or some other protective material. What remains is to close the leads and seal the box with packing tape. However, having such a short time for packing, you should consider hiring packers and movers in New York. Doing this job daily, they will complete packing much faster than you and your helpers.

    A couple labeling boxes
    Label your moving boxes.

    Label the boxes

    Two weeks is a very short time for packing the entire household. So, you won’t have so much time for many things, but, labeling your boxes is a must. If possible, write on the label what is inside each box. In case you are in a great rush, write at least from which room the box comes. And, don’t miss to note if inside the box are fragile items.

    Finalizing your moving preparations

    Make sure that everything is completed before the arrival of residential movers NYC. And by that, we mean that everything is packed and ready for loading. But also, you should complete the deep cleaning. Also, recheck your moving essentials bag and make sure that everything you need is in it. Pay special attention to the documents that you have to keep all the time with you. Such as your moving contract, the purchase/rental contract for your new home, etc.

    Moving on a two-week notice

    You have read how to pack for an NYC move in 2 weeks. Such a short period will be rather demanding, and tiring as well, as you won’t have much time to rest. However, well planned and organized, it can be done even in a shorter period, and even in the city of New York. So, there is no need to panic about receiving short notice. The bottom line, if you realize that the task is too hard for you, you can always hire a reliable packing and moving company.


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