How to pack for Long Term Storage vs. Short Term Self Storage

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    Protecting, storing and ways how you pack your items is not always the same. There is a difference in a way how to pack for long term storage vs. short term self storage. Are you in transition between cities and need a temporary place to store your belongings? This kind of solution is necessary while houses are bought and sold, rentals acquired, or the best neighborhoods sought. Or you use storage units as an extension of your closets at home? You may rotate your belongings seasonally, and use a storage facility as a way to stay organized and get extra space. As you are in the middle of relocating, you can contact us for any help. We can help you reduce stress and make your moving experience positive. Above all, we know how to take care of your belongings during the move.

    Get ready for packing

    Packing can be very exhausted. And it could take a lot of time. So hiring professional packers is a great idea. Of course, if you find it affordable. It will be a more expensive solution, too. But if you know your belongings are well packed, protected and ready for shipment, you will feel relaxed. You will not have such a hard time dealing with your move. Hiring professionals will save you time, and you don’t have to worry about packing in this case. Our packing service NYC is there for you in case you don’t have enough time and supplies for packing. But if you want to try to do it all by yourself, we will help you, too. Here are a few tips for making the most out of long-term storage.

    Long term storage vs. short term storage
    Get ready for packing and labeling boxes.

    Long Term Storage vs. Short Term Self – Storage What is the difference?

    There is a big difference between these two storage NYC solutions. Firstly it is a period of storing. Secondly, the different ways of how you will pack for long term storage vs. short term self storage. Leaving a box of comic books collection in storage for two months while you move to a new home is one thing. But leaving a box of comic books collection for years is totally another. What packing material should be used? You will use different materials for packing long term self storage vs. short term self storage packing. Above all, knowing the difference before you load everything up can save you time, money, and potentially damaged goods.

    Tips for packing long term storage

    In case you have items stored for more than three months, you should avoid wrapping in plastic bags. Because plastic will keep moisture in and speed up the mold and mildew growth process. Without a doubt, this will cause significant damage over time. Instead, buy sturdy boxes that are easily stackable. Additionally, wrap your items securely with bubble wrap or paper. Take enough time and treat your belongings and fragile items well.  Consequently, fragile items should always go somewhere safe. Additionally, away from the rest of the stored items.

    Choose packing materials very carefully.

    Tips for packing short term self storage

    Is it faster to pack for long term storage vs. short term self storage? How to pack for short term self storage? Your items will be kept in a storage unit for less than three months at a time. The most important is to stay calm and avoid stress. So you can skip some steps, but should also be careful of your more precious items.

    • Dust covers can replace more intensive packing for short-term storage. Because there isn’t as much time for dirt to settle. You may be able to wrap large pieces of furniture with a cloth and it will be enough.
    • Leave an aisle in the middle of your storage unit. Because you will want to be able to get in and get out quickly. Don’t forget to leave a walk-through clear.
    • Fragile items need just as much care in short-term self storage as they do in long-term storage. In fact, they may need more. Keep treating them well. It is important to protect them against breaking or shifting.


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