How to Pack Plants for Moving

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    Houseplants are a great addition to any household. They are decorative, and they bring benefits to the space they are in. That’s why many people own plants. Whenever someone gets a new plant for their collection, they likely don’t think about having to move them one day. But that day comes sometimes, and there are two decisions you can make, leave them behind or move them with you. Of the 66% of the population that owns houseplants due to statistics, only a small amount decide to go through the trouble of finding out how to pack plants for moving. Keep in mind that when it comes to plants, you can usually not rely on the help of some Manhattan Movers NYC, since some don’t allow plants on their trucks.

    What Are Some of the Most Common Plants Found in Households?

    You can find a large variety of houseplants types in homes, but some are more popular than others. People usually tend to get easy-to-care-for and low-maintenance plants, mostly due to a lack of time. Lack of time should not justify you to hire just any moving company, but some of the best moving service in NYC. Taking this into consideration, some of the most commonly found houseplants are:

    • Epipremnum aureum – golden pothos or devils ivy
    • Dracaena Marginata – Madagascar dragon tree
    • Sansevieria Trifasciata – snake plant
    • Many plants from the Ficus family – Ficus Elastica and Ficus Benjamina are very popular and have a low tolerance for temperature fluctuations

    All these plants require different care regimens, but when it comes to moving, most of them require the same packing techniques. So, let’s learn how to pack plants for moving.

    Picture of a room full of houseplants
    The question of how to pack plants for moving doesn’t usually rise until moving day rolls around

    Learn How to Pack Plants for Moving

    All plants require the same things, water, light, fertilizer, and good protection from some packing supplies NYC offers. But apart from the supplies, you need to go through a preparation process and the right packing techniques.

    The preparation of your plants is the key

    When you buy plants from the nursery, they need some time to adjust to the change. The same goes for moving, and you need to prepare them for that at least a week in advance. First, water your plants well as you would normally, and remove them from their ceramic pots. This might also be the right time to prune them a little so that they take up less space. While doing that, you can also check for pests, which can be a problem when passing borders.

    What are you supposed to do on moving day?

    Since plants cannot be packed weeks in advance, you need to deal with them on moving day itself. While some movers and packers Manhattan take care of your other items, you should think about how to get your plant ready for the road. Small, short plants can be packed together in a box, while big, tall plants should be packed in individual boxes. You should be able to close the boxes on top of the plant, to offer maximum protection to all its parts.

    Picture of a person carrying a box in front of a person carrying a Ficus Benjamina
    Preparing well in advance is key when moving plants

    Packing Plants for Moving Is Easy

    The guide to how to pack plants for moving would not be complete without some additional tips. Plants don’t tolerate temperature fluctuations, especially not Ficus Benjamina. All its leaves will fall off while other plants will just wilt away in no time. Light is also another requirement to keep in mind, so don’t make the trip longer than it needs to be. Since the plants will likely travel in your car, you can take care of all of these things. Do this, and you will be able to decorate your new home with plants for years to come.


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