How to pack small appliances

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    There are many things we need to consider while moving to a new home. Relocation is a stressful process for everyone involved. Not only that we have to know how to pick the right moving service but also, we need to pack our home. Packing is very important and usually time-consuming. Especially when we consider all the small items that need special care. Relocating your clothes and furniture is straightforward, but what to do with gadgets and small appliances? With good preparation and organization, packing can be easier than you think. We bring you useful tips and advice on how to pack small appliances that will make the whole moving process smoother.

    Preparations may start

    Changing the environment is a positive thing for you and your family. Moving your household to another state or country will open a new chapter in your life. However, the process of relocating is not easy at all and usually requires a lot of energy, money and time. Organizing and making a step-by-step moving checklist can make things less stressful. Since we need packing materials and boxes of all sizes while packing, making a budget is equally important. Keep in mind while following the checklist, to pay attention to your budget limits and avoid unnecessary costs.

    Planning is inevitable part of the moving preparations
    Start making your moving plan

    Professional movers can be helpful

    The first thing you need to do is to take some time and find a suitable moving company. It’s important to pick reliable, yet affordable movers. And that is your answer to the question, is moving on a budget really possible. Moving companies are well equipped and with years of experience in the field of moving. You can rest assured that for the right price, your belongings will reach your new home without damages. After picking the right movers you can focus and pack small appliances and other possessions you are taking with you.

    Before you start to pack small appliances declutter your home

    Before you start to pack small appliances, you should sort them out first. Sorting will help you know which items you will pack and what is not needed anymore. Also, you will figure out how many packing supplies you need and in which order you will pack your items. For sure there are appliances that you do not need any more, so you can sell, donate or recycle them. Once that is done, sort them by categories. Many of them are used mostly in the kitchen. But there are also a few in the bathroom, garage, and other rooms as well. Some of them are toasters, coffee makers, mixers, blenders, food processors, microwaves. As well as clocks, radios, fans, and similar items. We will recommend a few steps you can take in order to easily pack small appliances.

    Kitchen small appliances
    Before you start to pack small appliances sort them out

    Step by step to properly pack small appliances

    To pack small appliances that are in your possession, it is good to know the right technique. And more importantly- to have the right equipment. So let us check out the list below.

    Packing supplies that you will need to pack small appliances

    First, we need to gather all the packing supplies so that we can start to pack small appliances. On your supply list, you should have packing paper and/or any other wrapping paper, packaging tapes and packing pads. By using bubble wrap, foam, towels, and linen or wool cloth, you will provide stronger protection for the items. Use permanent markers and labeling stickers in order to know the content of boxes and locate your items easily. And finally packing boxes of different sizes, best is to have small and medium ones. Try avoiding using shredded paper or similar products since they can get into the device and cause damage to it. We recommend using only good quality packing supplies that can provide the best protection to your belongings.

    You will need tape and bubble wrap to safely pack small appliances
    Packing supplies

    Original boxes of your items are preferable

    If by any chance you saved the original boxes of the device, always use those because of the proper size. Original boxes in which you bought your appliances are made that way on purpose and are the most suitable for the item.

    Protect your small devices

    Wrapping is one of the most important parts when you pack small appliances. You should use paper pads for appliances such as microwaves and toasters, and other smaller devices. If you have bubble wrap on your hands, use it for extra protection. Use also the security tape and make sure that every part of the device is covered.

    Clean every device before packing

    An important part of the process is to clean your appliances before packing. Unplug the device from a power supply, secure the power cord by taping it to the device or the inside of the box. Use kitchen cloth or napkin to dry out the device before packing. Also if you are not sure how to handle the device properly, use a device’s instruction manual.

    Pay attention to detachable parts and batteries

    While in the cleaning process, remove all detachable parts of the device. Parts like power cords, lids, blades and hatch doors, if they are removable of course. Wrap each item separately, especially sharp parts or blades.  Remove batteries if there are any because they might leak and damage the device.

    Remove batteries before you pack small appliances
    Remove batteries from your small appliances

    Preparing the boxes for packing

    If you don’t have access to the original boxes of the device, use any box available. Start by assembling the box and protecting the bottom with tape and padding. Insides of the box should be covered with towels, crumpled newspapers or linens. That will provide a nice cozy environment for the device. This way you will protect your devices from damage while moving.

    Do not leave empty space in boxes

    When you pack small appliances in boxes, heavier ones always go on the bottom. Smaller ones are on the top along with detachable items. Try not to leave any empty spaces between items so they are unable to move and collide with each other. To fill gaps between items, use bubble wrap, towels or other cloth and paper to immobilize the content of the box. Use separate boxes for big or heavier items and keep in mind not to exceed the weight of the box.

    Label boxes when you pack small appliances

    Be sure to keep track of the items you place in boxes by labeling the box as soon as you fill it. Close the box and secure it with strong duty tape and use a permanent marker to mark the box content. Write on the box what is inside and if it contains fragile items. So that you can give a note to movers to be extra careful while packing them into the truck.

    Put a fragile sign on boxes when you pack small appliances
    Label your boxes, put a sign for fragile items

    We hope that these tips will be of great use when you pack small appliances. You can pack all your devices with ease if you put a little bit of effort into it. Now, you just need to pick a date, make a list and start packing on time. Remember, with good organization and preparation you can enjoy while going through this life-changing event. Good luck!


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