How to plan a safe COVID Thanksgiving in NYC

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    Thanksgiving is all about spending your time with your family and being grateful for all the things in your life. This national holiday is even more important if you live far away from your family. Not everyone can move back to NYC, even though Manhattan movers NYC are always ready to assist you with your move. In addition to the distance, the world is currently at the war with an invisible enemy. COVID 19 pandemic has changed the way people live. It is not simple to meet even your family. For this reason, here is how you should plan a safe COVID Thanksgiving in NYC. 

    Start your preparations early 

    Let’s start from the beginning. In early November, you should get your flu shot. It is not a vaccine against the coronavirus or its cure. However, this flu shot will help your immune system. As you might know, having a strong immune system can and will help you to fight the coronavirus. For this reason, make sure to schedule your appointment before you organize Thanksgiving. If you plan to move to Manhattan, you should get a flu shot before looking for moving services NYC. 

    Now, it is time to gather all the necessary ingredients for your Thanksgiving dinner. Since you have to be careful, try to visit your local supermarket when there are not many people around. This usually means early in the morning right after the supermarket opens. You should avoid visiting all the stores when they are crowded. Do not forget to keep the distance and wear a mask. You should also wear a mask if you plan to visit your self storage Manhattan to get some necessary things for Thanksgiving. 

    person cutting turkey
    You should get all the ingredients early in the morning

    Safe COVID Thanksgiving in NYC and planning your travel 

    Flying to NYC is not the best or the safest option during the pandemic. However, if you do not have any other choice, make sure to visit the official page of the airport, for example, JFK International Airport to see how they are handling the pandemic. In addition to this, you should also contact your chosen airline to see their measurements. In any case, masks are mandatory as well as keeping the social distance. 

    If traveling is too much for you at the moment, you can also consider organizing a long-distance Thanksgiving. If you had a long-distance move, then, the only available option is Zoom or any other similar platform. This is especially important if you have older parents or someone in your family who has a compromised immune system.

    masks on the table
    Do not forget to wear a mask


    The last things to organize 

    It is not difficult to plan to a safe COVID Thanksgiving in NYC. You have to respect the following measures. 

    • Respect the social distance and be extremely serious about it 
    • Wear the mask 
    • Wash your hands regularly 
    • Do not touch your face, especially the eyes 
    • Keep track of your temperature and symptoms if you are travelling 
    • Schedule testing if you notice something 


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