How to Prep Your Summer Gear for Winter Storage

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    It is that time of the year when you should say goodbye to summer and welcome the winter. This is not as easy as it sounds since your house is probably cluttered with summer clothes and items. If you live in a small place, then this can be a huge problem when winter comes. Where will you keep your winter clothes and gear if the place is already taken? For this reason, you should rent self storage Manhattan. It is the perfect solution for your situation. In order to use your items again, here is how you should prep your summer gear for winter storage.

    Gathering all the necessary packing supplies 

    You cannot just place your items in storage. This will cause damage to your summer gear so there will be no point in actually renting a storage unit. For this reason, you need to gather all the necessary packing supplies. These include moving boxes, plastic bins, bubble wrapping, some tape, hangers for clothes, covers for bigger items, and so on. Make sure to find only the quality packing supplies so your items will be well protected.  

    Where to get your moving supplies? You can find Manhattan movers NYC and get packing supplies from them. If not, you can search around yourself and see some more affordable options. You can find cardboard boxes for free by visiting local supermarkets and similar places or searching online. People give their leftover moving boxes for free. 

    pile of cardboard boxes
    You should visit your local supermarket and get cardboard boxes

    Prep your summer gear for winter storage by decluttering  

    Now, it is time to declutter your home. You should not waste money on renting a bigger storage unit when you can declutter your summer items. There must be something you will no longer wear or use. For this reason, divide your items into three piles, one to store, one to donate or sell, and the last one to throw away. 

    When you want to sell or donate, make sure that those items are in good condition. No one will buy items that are damaged or broken somewhere. The same thing applies when donating your items. Contact smaller or large charities, such as Goodwill, to check if they are willing to accept your donation. Save receipt so you can ask for tax deduction later. 

    woman looking at shirts
    You should store only shirts and other clothes that you will wear again

    How to pack your items? 

    When you have everything gathered, it is time to prep your summer gear for winter storage and pack your items. Here is how you should pre your summer gear for winter storage. 

    • Clean your items, wash them and dry them completely 
    • Use bubble wrapping to protect your items 
    • Place them inside the box 
    • Do not overstuff your boxes as this can cause damage 

    Lastly, choose a proper storage unit. Make sure it is clean and pests free. Choose the unit that is only slightly bigger than your items so you can freely move around. This way you will save money.  


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