How To Prepare Your Items For Storage in NYC

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    Do you need some extra space in your NYC apartment? Or, you are renovating, and you need to temporarily store your possessions somewhere? Maybe you are preparing to move away, and, you need to store some items that you are living behind until you sell them. Regardless of the purpose and storage plan, you will need clean, safe, and affordable storage. If so, rely on packers and movers in New York to match you with the best storage companies. Additionally, they will give you some tips and advice on how to prepare your items for storage in NYC.

    How to prepare your items for storage in NYC

    Before packing and renting a storage unit, you have to decide what you want to store. That will determine the size of the storage unit that you need. And its monthly cost too. On the other hand, you will also know how many moving supplies to buy. Once you know the size of the storage unit that you need, contact Manhattan moving and storage. Their professional matchmakers will help you to find a safe place for your possessions. They will also make sure that storage is within your budget. And, at the location that best suits you.

    Mini storage waiting for you to learn how to prepare your items for storage in NYC
    Professional companies know how to prepare your items for storage in NYC

    Packing your items for NYC storage

    The first step in the preparation process is packing your items. When doing so, make sure that all items are clean and dry. That way you will prevent the development of molds and lichens. We all know how fast they can spread in confined places. Also, contact your Manhattan storage and ask which items they don’t allow in the units.

    Pack the moving boxes properly

    Most of your possessions will be stored in moving boxes. That way, you will better utilize the storage unit space. When packing, make sure your boxes are filled to capacity. The space you leave between the items fill with packing peanuts, or crumpled paper. Also, be careful to avoid placing heavy items over fragile ones. Some of your items will be too big for moving boxes. For example, pieces of disassembled furniture. Make sure to wrap them well. And store them at the back side of the storage unit.

    A woman sticking a label on the parcel.
    Make sure that all your boxes are properly labeled.

    Labeling moving boxes

    When using storage units NYC, make sure that all your boxes are properly labeled. The best is to write the room from which the items are coming. Also, write which type of items are packed in it. That way, you will easily find the items that you need. Instead of cardboard boxes, you can opt to use clear plastic bins. So, you will be able to spot the needed item. However, it is recommendable to label them too.

    Organizing your storage unit

    Now you have learned how to prepare your items for storage in NYC. So, after packing and transporting them to the storage, you will also have to organize your unit. Be strategic about how and where you decide to place your boxes. To save space, pile boxes one to another. Make sure to first put the boxes that you won’t need for a long time. Those that you might need more often place closer to the unit doors. Besides, you should make the unit plan, and hang it next to the entrance door.


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