How to rent an affordable storage unit in NYC

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    You are in the midst of the packing process, preparing for your moving date. And you are realizing that you have less space at the new address than you have on your current one. Suddenly one-third of your cargo is excess, and you must decide what to do with it. There are several options but the most common one is to rent a storage unit. Therefore, we bring you the ultimate guide on how to find the best and most affordable storage unit in NYC. Enjoy!

    What kind of storage unit do you desire?

    First of all, you need to figure out what kind of storage unit you would find most useful. Because there are many things you must consider before renting. For example, the size of the storage unit can vary. This is determined by the size and number of the items you are about to store. Then, if you are storing highly valuable or sensitive items, there is a solution for that as well. A maximum-security facility with impeccable hygiene and climate-controlled units will suffice. Or maybe the location is the most important factor for you. Then you should find a storage space near your home or work, for the easy access. Units that are located further away from the city center are cheaper. Keep that in mind when looking for an affordable storage unit in NYC.

    It does not matter if you need a unit for personal use. Or storage units for your commercial needs, we have you covered. We will recommend Smith Dray Line moving and storing company. One of the best in the moving business, with thousands smiling customers. It will be hard to find more affordable and better coordinated local storage units.

    A person is doing online research
    Do proper research to find a suitable storage unit

    Research and find an affordable storage unit in NYC

    With all the technology we have today, the best way is to check for the storage unit companies online. Visit a few moving company websites and invest a couple of hours into the research. What is important is not to choose the first one you find. Check at least ten different websites and compare the prices and moving services they provide. Once you narrow your search down, you should give them a call and schedule a visit.

    Also, you can check out the positive and negative reviews. One step further is to obtain references. Go ahead and check up on the company you are about to do business with. Finally, to complete your search would be to ask around. Double check with your friends and coworkers if they know more about the company of your choice. In other words, proactivity is the key to find an affordable storage unit in NYC.

    Pack and move

    The usefulness of a proper storage unit is growing in popularity throughout the years. There are many reasons why people tend to become storage unit owners. It could be a moving endeavor like we mentioned before. Maybe you are moving house to Manhattan apartment, and you have less space overall. Or you inherited a lot of furniture overnight and you are forced to find a space to store it all. The need is real, and with such a huge pile of belongings, you’ll need extra space. But the packing process is involved as well.

    Packing supplies.
    Use proper packing materials

    Packing is a tiresome but equally important matter. Your storage unit has a certain size, but it can be even bigger if the packing process is done right. Try to use boxes of same sizes so you can stack them easier on top of each other. Keep in mind to have the boxes with fragile items on the very top to avoid breaking your valuables. Also, do not lean any heavy furniture because that can damage your boxes. Try to appoint areas for certain items just to be familiar with the space and content of your unit. Finally, make a list of items you are storing and label all boxes. Use a cover in the form of a blanket or a tarp, to lessen the dust that accumulates over time.

    Keep it clean and fresh

    Since your items are nicely stacked, what is left is to maintain the hygiene. Most of the owners are using their storage units throughout the year. Some of you will visit regularly and some, once a month, or less. Regardless of the situation, your storage unit needs to stay clean. Simply use everyday cleaning products and rodent repellants. One rat can make substantial damage over time to your valuables if left unchecked. Also, check if air-conditioning is working as intended. Humidity can damage your valuables beyond repair if not monitored properly. Cheap and affordable storage unit in NYC is what you need, but clean and safe one as well.

    Get rid of the possessions you do not need before you find an affordable storage unit in NYC

    To get rid of the possessions you do not need anymore will be the hard part of the story. If you are not sure, you can store them in your storage unit until you know what to do. But if you have a designated pile of belongings that are of no use anymore, we have a solution. First, the most basic and easiest is to throw them away. Just keep in mind that some items can be recycled. Next is to gift them to your friends or neighbors. Someone might still find some use of the items you do not need anymore. And lastly, you can donate to a charity or a local shelter.

    Yard sale sign
    To get rid of the possessions you do not need, organize a garage sale.

    One more option that can be interesting is to organize a yard sale. That way you can get rid of your items and get a few extra bucks out of it. This option might prove most efficient since it can cut moving costs significantly.

    That should be it. Now you know the basic things you should consider when renting a useful and yet affordable storage unit in NYC. Hopefully, some of it will prove useful once the time is right. Good luck and happy hunting.


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