How to Rent an Apartment in Manhattan as a Student

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    Renting an apartment in Manhattan can be a great challenge. Manhattan is generally one of the most expensive NYC neighborhoods, and for that reason, it’s not always possible to find affordable housing options for students. If you decide to rent an apartment in Manhattan as a student you need to be ready for compromise. For example, you can choose to live in a small apartment, in a less trendy neighborhood, or living with roommates. We know that this can be a great challenge, and for that reason, we decide to help you. So, in this post, we will meet you with the Manhattan rental market and at the same time meet you with our Manhattan Movers NYC who can help you with your student moving. So, stay with us and let us help you to find the perfect student apartment in Manhattan.

    Understand the Manhattan rental market

    Manhattan generally can be a good choice when it comes to student life. First of all, this New York neighborhood is home to some excellent colleges like St. John’s University, Columbia University, New York University and etc. But, at the same time near Manhattan, you can find several excellent neighborhoods that also can be a good choice for students. Some of them are Greenwich Village, East Village, Upper West Sid, Upper East Side, and Harlem. 

    Manhattan streets
    Manhattan offers high living standards, but no affordable housing options.

    So, when it comes to the Manhattan rental market, you already know that renting isn’t so cheap. As we said at the beginning, you need to be ready for compromise. According to data from INHABIT, in January 2023 the median rent price was $4,200 per month. And this data tell us that rent prices are 17% higher that the previous year (2022.). Also, the prices for studio units recorded a price raise of 17%, while three-bedroom apartments price was down by 16% than in October 2022.

    What are the best Manhattan neighborhoods for students?

    For example, East Village is one of the best neighborhoods in New York, and according to Niche data about 57,469 live there. Here you can also find some excellent colleges like the High School of American Studies at Lehman College and the High School of Math Science & Engineering at The City College of New York (CCNY). But, this place can be the ideal choice for your student life. Also, according to Niche data, rent prices are about $1,816. If this place will be your final choice, East Village movers are at your disposal. When you want to rent an apartment in Manhattan as a student, this can be a good choice.

    Students in a night club in Manhattan
    Students love the nightlife, and Manhattan is the ideal place for that!

    Upper East Side is also one of the best choices. And, Upper East Side movers are also at your disposal. This place can offer excellent nightlife for students. Some of the must-see places are Bamelman’d Bar and Carlyle, Brandy’s Piano Bar, Subway In, American Trash, and many others.

    What is the budget you need to rent an apartment in Manhattan as a student?

    Now that you have familiarized yourself with the rental prices, you need to plan your budget. What you actually need to do is to be informed about the other living cost that awaits you in addition to monthly rent. So, you need to consider prices for groceries, utilities, transportation, etc. According to energy bill will cost about $183.24, food prices are 22% higher than the state average, and transportation will cost you about $2,75 for a one-way ticket. So, generally, the monthly costs for students in NY are from $2,027 to $2,229. And also, when you plan your monthly budget you need to consider additional costs such as renter’s insurance. Those prices are about $10 per month.

    How to find the perfect student apartment in Manhattan?

    Before you start searching for your student apartment, you need to make some important decisions. So, you need to choose your neighborhood, decide with whom you will live, and determine the size of the apartment. If you decide to live alone, you can rent a studio apartment. But, if you decide to live with a roommate, you need your privacy. And for that reason, based on the number of roommates searching for apartments. For, example if you have 1 roommate, you can search for a two-bedroom apartment.

    An apartment for someone who wants to rent an apartment in Manhattan as a student
    When you decide to rent an apartment in Manhattan as a student choose the right size based on your needs, wishes, and possibilities.

    Before you start with this, you need to know that this is not something that can be done in one day. If you want to speed up the whole thing you can hire real estate agents. Before you start, you need to gather the necessary documentation proof of income or financial aid, to collect credit reports and personal references, but also you need to prove your student status to your landlord.

    Also, when you start preparing for your student’s move, whichever neighborhood to choose, you always can use packing services NYC. These services will be of great help to you and make the packing process easier.

    Useful tips for students who are renting

    We already said that rent is not an easy thing. So, for that reason, we decide to reveal to some more useful tips.

    • When you start searching for apartments check online ads from StreetEasy, Zillow website, Craigslist, etc.
    • Check university housing boards
    • Try to work with real estate agents who can speed up the whole process, but that is not a cheap option.
    • Inspect the apartment before you rent it.
    • Check the functionality of doors and windows, as well as all sockets and water installations.
    • Carefully read the contract you sing with your landlord.
    • Prepare a list of questions to ask your landlord (ask about your duties, rules, etc.)
    Girl searching for student apartment in Manhattan
    You always can search for an apartment by yourself, but don’t remember our tips!

    When you finally find your student apartment, you can start preparing for the move. And, at that moment, you can use moving boxes NYC. Also, save all boxes after moving, and reuse them as a place for storage. You can put them under the bed, and in that way keep your items organized.

    Research all options and choose the best for you!

    It’s very important that you choose the right option for you at this time. That’s why we advise you to carefully research everything that Manhattan can offer you in order to be sure that you have found an apartment that will meet all your needs. Also, when you decide to rent an apartment in Manhattan as a student, pay attention to the rental prices and try to find the most favorable option. Also, don’t forget that you can contact us at any time because even our pool table movers NYC are ready to help you.



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