How to save up on your East Village move

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    Moving can sometimes be expensive, but there’s much you can do to reduce the cost. From picking the best option when choosing movers NYC, to cutting corners where you can, we’ll try to cover it all. New York City is an expensive place to live, which refers to both housing prices and the cost of services in the city. However, with a little bit of guided research, you can easily patch up a plan that doesn’t exclude professional help but still keeps you on budget. Here’s what you need to know if you’re trying to save up on your East Village move.

    Hiring professional movers or DIY

    Almost anyone outside of the moving industry would naturally assume that doing all the work by yourself would save you a significant amount of money. While this may sound tempting if you’re moving on a low budget, that’s not necessarily the case. Many items require professional equipment and handling them without proper care can result in damaging something valuable. On the other hand, you don’t need to pay for every little thing. The best way to save up on your East Village move is to combine hiring movers with doing the most of the preparations yourself. If you know how to do your inventory and pack, movers NYC cost will be considerably lower.

    man and woman carrying boxes
    Getting help from a friend or doing most of the things yourself can help, but you should leave some things to professionals.

    What else impacts the cost of moving to East Village?

    Moving companies usually offer a range of services related to moving, and not just transporting your items. If you look up some of the East Village movers you will notice that many of them offer packing and storing services, as well as help with doing inventory. You can also purchase different levels of liability insurance, but it will all cost you a bit extra.

    Another thing that impacts the cost of moving is the distance, as well as the number and weight of items for transportation. This doesn’t come as a surprise, but you should note that it’s important to ask a company for a free estimate. If you know the estimated cost, planning will be much easier.

    Finally, don’t time your move during the peak season or bad weather if you plan to save up on your East Village move. Both of these can increase the final cost, so you should consider all this before making a choice.

    Choose a reliable company to save up on your East Village move

    Going for quality is usually seen as a kind of luxury, but in this case, it can save you your money. We already touched on this, but it’s important to highlight that the final cost of the move might include broken items and lost value. This is something you should try to avoid, so don’t hire an unreliable company.

    So, what makes a moving company reliable? Online research is a great place to start, especially on forums and social networks related to the moving companies Manhattan NY. This won’t be enough, but it will help you narrow down the best options. After that, you should contact each company in person or by phone and discuss your move with them. Try to opt for the company that offers the best solutions and best fits into your budget.

    man putting coin in a piggy bank
    You can save up on your East Village move and hire a moving company, but that requires thorough research.

    Preparing for the move

    We’re coming to the things you can do yourself and, in truth, this is what will help you most when trying to save up on your East Village move. Doing your inventory and packing isn’t too hard to pull off just by yourself but it takes time and dedication. If you also want to try moving boxes Manhattan will be your enemy, as traffic jams and crowded streets can cause a lot of stress. That’s why you should leave this part to a team of professionals and focus on the other things.

    Doing an inventory of your items

    This is the very first step of moving, and it requires you to list all of your items and organize them so you can be more organized while packing. However, sometimes it’s easier doing inventory and packing simultaneously, but you don’t need to do it that way. You should note that it’s very handy to keep your list and try to keep it updated. This will make any future move much easier, as you will be able to almost skip this part. It’s also a great opportunity to go through your old items and potentially discard some of them. You shouldn’t just throw old stuff in the bin, as you can maybe sell something before the move. This could help you round up your budget while reducing the weight of items for transportation, and with it, the cost of moving.

    man sealing the box with duct tape
    Doing inventory and packing can be a lengthy job to do, but it’s not hard when you start early.

    Packing your home

    You should acquire special carton boxes for moving. They are consistent and can keep your items safe. Having the right boxes won’t be enough though, so here’s what you should do. Create layers made of paper on the bottom of the box before placing your items inside. Make sure everything is held tightly and that there are no air pockets in the box. If the shape of items naturally creates those air pockets, crush some paper and fill the holes. After that, create another soft layer before placing more items inside. Finally, fill any unused space in the box with paper until it’s filled to the top. This will make the box stand firmly and it will make it more consistent. You only need to seal the box with duct tape and you’re good to go.

    Fragile items

    Fragile items, such as glass and other breakable things should be packed with extra care. You don’t need to use any extra equipment for packing, but here’s what you should do. Wrap each glass and fill it inside with more crushed paper and place them bottom down in the box. Plates should be wrapped as well, stacked together, and placed sides down. Keeping everything safe greatly helps with trying to save up on your East Village move, so make sure you don’t miss anything.


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