How to spend the first day in your new home

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    Once you get to your new home, you will feel a burden lifting off your shoulders. Congratulations, you have made it! But the tasks sadly don’t end here. Some essential things need to be done that will set the mood for this period that is ahead of you. The tasks that you can accomplish on the first day in your new home will greatly depend on the time when you arrive. Even if you move with some of the best movers in Manhattan, you will have a lot to do. There will be a million things that you can do, but we will list the essential ones that need attention.

    Document the condition of the place

    This tip applies if you are renting the property¬†you just moved into with the help of one of the best moving companies NYC. Take as many photos as possible on the first day in your new home, especially if there is pre-existing damage or problems. You shouldn’t always assume the worst, but it is better to be prepared. This way, if you have evidence of the state of the place, you will be able to get your security deposit back.

    Woman using a camera on the first day in your new home
    Take pictures of anything unusual

    Put the boxes in the rooms where they belong too

    It can be tempting to just put all the boxes in a room and call it a day after moving to Manhattan. While it might be the easier temporary solution, you will have to deal with it at some point. As soon as you start unloading the moving van, bring the boxes to the rooms they belong in. Unpacking will be much easier this way.

    Reassemble the important furniture

    You might not need to put up decor pieces right away, but some furniture pieces are a must, like:

    • The kitchen table
    • A few chairs
    • The bed

    These are the most important ones, and the other ones will be reassembled as you go.

    Unpack the essentials boxes on your first day in your new home

    These boxes have that name for a reason, they contain the necessary items for surviving the first few days in a new home. Packing an essentials box is a must for that reason! This way you won’t need to go through a ton of boxes in the middle of the night looking for that toothpaste you desperately need.

    Pay attention to your family

    If you have kids in your household, they will need some attention ASAP post moving. This is more stressful for them than it is for you, so they will need extra care. Allow them to play games or watch something while you do the essential things. If all else fails, leave the tasks for later and go outside to explore the new surroundings. Being outside is a foolproof way to calm fussy kids.

    Woman playing with her kids
    Moving is stressful for kids

    Preparing for your first day in your new home

    The first day in your new home doesn’t have to be chaotic. With the right things done first, you will be set up for success in this period of adjustment. If you want to have a positive moving experience, get some moving quotes NYC today. We wish you luck and success in your upcoming move!


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