How to stay in shape during relocation process?

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    Whether you are an active and physical type or not, moving will require your body to be strong and reliable. Lifting and carrying large and heavy boxes can take a big tole on your muscles and wear you out significantly. Not to mention all the stress which goes with the process itself. There are several ways to ensure you are fit and up to the task. In order to help, we will give you some advice on how to stay in shape during relocation that is upon you.

    Stay away from fast food

    Of course, it’s obvious, but when you’ve been working all day, had little to no sleep, you might get the idea that desperate times call for desperate measures. This rule does not apply in such a situation. Homemade food is always a better option, especially if you want to stay in shape during relocation. You know exactly what goes into the dish, making you the master of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Since packing and moving can take a couple of days, it would be best to prepare in advance. Set aside a day or two to organize and cook well-balanced meals for the time ahead. Try to be as diverse as possible with your recipes, and don’t be afraid to mix and match, as long as the ingredients are highly nutritious. When thinking about snacks, always opt for some fresh fruit or small portions of nuts. They look tiny but are packed with calories and energy. If for some reason you find preparation too difficult or rather impossible, there are still ways to avoid those processed foods. See that the take-out you’re ordering are mostly salads or light pasta. Fast food seems like a good idea at first, but it will make you feel more drained and weak.

    French fries, burger and sandwich packed with ingredients, looking delicious.
    This is not the way to stay in shape during relocation

    Find time to exercise

    It might seem like gibberish at first, but hear us out. Half an hour of light jog in the morning will help you wake up and focus on tasks ahead of you. You will start your day by breaking a little sweat, breathing deeply and gathering thoughts. This will make you fresh and ready for the challenging day. Now, don’t get us wrong, we don’t suggest you go for a marathon at 5 am to feel good later, since you most certainly won’t have much strength left. If light cardio seems too much, find some time during the day to do light stretching or yoga. It will help ease those tense muscles and relax the whole body from heavy lifting. If you would call yourself an active athlete, try not to miss out on your regular workouts. Only during this period, go for deload sessions, rather than going for max reps or loads.

    Athlethe exercise outdoors.
    A jog a day keeps the pounds at bay.

    If AFOREMENTIONED looks impossible, there are other ways to stay in shape during relocation

    We strongly advise that you at least don’t miss out on the stretching part. As for the strength exercises, there are ways to turn this relocation into a fun practice. Skip on the hand truck for lighter boxes and carry them by hand. Don’t hurt yourself and try to honestly assess your strength capabilities. This kind of exercise, as any lifting, will be particularly good for your muscles.

    How to lift properly

    There’s nothing to it, you just bend down and lift, right? Well, sorry to disappoint, but no. There is a proper way of lifting heavy items without putting your back at risk of getting injured. When done correctly, lifting can engage your arms, torso, core, and legs, without hurting any part of your body. Your legs need to do the lifting, while the box is kept close to your body. Arching your back might seem easier and faster, but it places significant stress on your spine and can really mess you up. As we’ve noted previously, you can carry certain boxes, but when it comes to the really heavy ones, go for hand straps or hand trucks. After all, safety should always come first. And if you feel like this is too much for you, do not restrain from hiring professionals to help. These people are often reliable and experienced regarding the whole process.

    A man doing dead lifts
    This is how it’s done

    Plenty of water highly recommended

    Yes, we know that you know. The thing is, all the running around, packing, making calls and just taking it all in, can and often will make you forget to even take a sip for a substantial amount of time. You might find yourself with a headache midway through the day, and that would be the lack of water catching up to you. Hydration is important for keeping you concentrated and fresh. It also helps with pretty much every bodily function. A good idea would be to always have a bottle of water with you. Keep it at the grasp of your hand at all times and you’ll subconsciously drink it. We also suggest going for the smaller bottles rather than a gallon, since it’s much more practical. Sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages are a no-no. It will give you an immediate boost of energy, but you’ll be sorry when the sugar crash arrives making you fatigued and drained. If you want to stay in shape during relocation, water is your best friend.

    Water pouring into a glass
    Water is life

    Enough sleep is essential

    This one will tie all of your previous efforts in a nice big bow. A good 7-9 hours of sleep at night will boost everything you need for this task and help you stay in shape during relocation. Sleep deprivation increases hunger, stress and overall exhaustion. Make sure to always find time to have a proper rest and never sacrifice sleep for more working hours during the day. It will make you less productive and less vigorous.


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