How to store fine art?

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    If you are a fine art and sculpture collector, dealer, or artist then you know how important is to provide certain conditions to save your art pieces. Most fine art pieces are delicate and fragile. Once you need to move or store fine art, you may face many issues. This is understandable because of the risk of damage while storing your precious items. In case you remember your last move then you know how hard it may be to prepare your items for moving and keeping in storage. One thing is for sure, you need to ensure the safety of your fine art by using proper methods. For top security, you should hire our Manhattan Movers NYC. Our experienced specialist will provide you with high-quality and affordable service. In addition to this, we will remind you of important steps for storing fine art.

    Prepare to store your art

    Before you start sorting and packing your fine art pieces you should learn how to do it properly. This short article will remind you of some essential ways to keep your fine art in optimal condition while it is placed inside the storage NYC. Therefore, make sure to put them away in the best possible condition. The first thing you need to remember- preparing your fine art for storage requires extra attention.  Since fine art pieces are fragile and delicate, make sure to take extra caution during the moving and storing preparations.

    woman checking how to store fine art in the right way.
    Store fine art with planning and preparation.

    What are the steps to take?

    Before you start protecting, wrapping, and packing your fine art, take the advice from one of the best fine art movers NYC  has:

    • Check its temporary condition.
    • So, make sure to remove any dirt, dust, or moisture from your fine art first.
    • Humidity level needs to be controlled.
    • Watch your hands!
    Four paintings on the wall
    Your fine art probably means so much to you.

    Why is it important to check the condition of your art before storage?

    All the fine art pieces you want to store must be in good condition. There are numerous reasons for this. The first one is that this will enable you to continue maintaining that condition after it has been in Manhattan storage. The second one of that you need to know whether it is damaged before or after the time spent in storage. You do not want any additional damages or problems that might occur while art is stored.

    One of the ways to cover any damages that might occur when you store fine art

    For instance, one of the solutions is to get insurance. It will provide you with some sort of security. If the storage is not providing you with the things that are promised, like a controlled level of humidity, you can have insurance that will cover any damages. Just keep in your mind that a lot of the fine art you have needs to be in the same condition as the way you left it. If you are wondering if this insurance will cost you more than you have, you can always check movers NYC costs and get the information you need. But if you care about your art, there’s no price you will not pay for making pieces of your work safe and sound.

    gallery with paintings
    Get insurance for your valuable items when you want to store fine art

    How to clean your fine art?

    It is not easy to clean and make sure that the dust is removed from some pieces of art. That is why you need to do good research on proper products for cleaning. One of the things you will need, no matter what type of art we are talking about is a microfiber cloth. It is very suitable for removing dust from most art pieces. Along with this cloth, you will need some other products that will help you clean the art. If you are not sure what type and which products are the best for your pieces of art, contact the professionals. Get the information you need to clean art.

    Keep in mind that if you damage it while cleaning, no insurance will cover this. That is why this product you get needs to be tested properly. It might take some time to get the right ones. But it is better to lose some time on getting everything right than to damage the pieces o art because you were impatience. 

    Protect your fine art in a proper way

    You need to sort your fine art by type and gather packing supplies accordingly. You need to know what your fine is being made of. If you decide on packing on your own, you can purchase packing supplies from Amazon and start packing. Adequate supplies will ensure protection for your fine art pieces. However, the best things for your art will be to be packed by professionals. By hiring one of the most reliable Manhattan moving and storage companies, you will not have to worry about your pieces of art. They will be in good hands. In hands of professionals who have a lot of experience relocating this kind of items.

    Extra advice for those packing by themselves

    Make sure to prepare extra blankets and towels for the most fragile pieces. You will be able to prevent some damage if the items are double-wrapped. Don’t skip this step before you store fine art.

    Pay attention to humidity!

    If you are storing your painting or other pieces of fine art, you should know what kind of things can cause damage to your stuff. One of them is the humidity level. There could be some chemical reactions in your painting because of the humidity level. The best humidity level is around 55 percent. Make sure you find storage that has a hygrometer that will measure the inherent moisture inside. You can always get some additional equipment, like air blowers that will improve ventilation and help you with controlling excessive moisture in storage.

    The storage you get needs to be cool and dry. But most importantly, it needs to be dark. A place where there are minimal temperature fluctuations, because that is the only way to store fine art.

    painting ready and waiting for you to store fine art
    The humidity level is one of the factors that will affect the conditions of the art in storage

    Your clean hands are the minimum you can do!

    Natural oil we have on our hands is one of the factors that can cause a chemical reaction to our pieces of art. You might be sweaty or your hands might be wet. If you grab a painting or any other piece of fine art with your hands, you will cause some damage. That is why the first thing you should get is gloves. By wearing adequate gloves, you will prevent natural oil get in touch with the art pieces. It will also mean a lot because you will not leave any fingerprints on the art.

    And the third thing people do not think about is the nails. If you have long nails. if you are not wearing gloves, you might scratch some piece of art without noticing it. There have been examples where women left nail polish on the art because they were not careful. So, get the gloves and remove your fine art carefully.

    sculpture head
    Make sure you wear gloves when cleaning and packing fine art

    These tips and tricks will help you store fine art without any damage. It is important to be careful and to separate enough time for this task. If you think that you do not have the patience or you are nervous, do not do it. Use the rest of the day to relax and enjoy the nice weather outside. Have a cup of coffee and make sure you are relaxed. After you calm down and get in the mood, you can continue prepping your fine art for storage. There are very delicate and they need proper care. Remember that you are the main factor here. If you are not feeling right or you think you are not capable of doing it, leave it to the professionals.


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