How to store your Christmas decorations

store your Christmas decorations that are hanging on the tree

It is always exciting to put up your Christmas tree and decorate your house with a bunch of Christmas decorations. This certainly brings the Christmas spirit to your house. No one can imagine spending their Christmas and New Year without the Christmas tree and all the ornaments. However, January is now over so it means you need to store your Christmas decorations until the next year. In addition to this, if you’re planning to move with Manhattan movers NYC, you can store them in the same way. Here are all the necessary tips you should know. 

Get all the necessary packing supplies 

First of all, you cannot store any of your Christmas ornaments unless you have proper packing supplies. Where to find them? Well, you can get moving boxes NYC from any moving company. In addition to this, you can also visit your local supermarket, liquor store, office, and similar places to get their cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are the best for storing your Christmas ornaments. Once you place them inside these boxes, there are going to be well protected no matter the place you choose to put them. 

However, this is not everything that you should gather before storing your Christmas ornaments. Here is the full list of all the packing supplies you need. 

  • Moving boxes – as already mentioned, you will need a couple of Cardboard boxes. However, make sure they are in perfect condition. If they are dented, your items might get damaged when placed in one of these. This is especially important if you plan to place ornaments in self storage Manhattan 
  • Plastic totes – perfect for small Christmas balls. 
  • Plastic tubes – for your tinsel and garland 
  • Big plastic bags – for your Christmas tree 
christmas tree
You should find suitable boxes for your Christmas ornaments

Declutter and then store your Christmas decorations 

After you finish celebrating New Year’s Eve in Manhattan, you need to go through your Christmas decoration to see which one you can use for the next year. As you might know, some Christmas ornaments are quite delicate. They can easily break or get damaged. For this reason, you should try to repair or throw away these ornaments. Luckily, today’s Christmas ornaments are quite sturdy but still, they can lose some color or some small jewelry.  

In addition to this, when you need to pack your Christmas tree, you will notice a lot of branches that have fallen off. Instead of throwing this away, you can actually get creative. Gather all your family around, and try to make new Christmas decorations from Christmas tree clippings. It can be a fun arts&crafts project.

christmas balls
See if you should replace your Christmas balls

How to pack them? 

Now, you only need to pack your Christmas ornaments. It is quite easy. Put them all in the boxes. All the fragile ornaments should be wrapped either in paper or bubble wrapping. In addition to this, make sure to label the boxes so you will know what is inside. This is how you should store your Christmas decoration after all the holidays are over. 


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