How to write a helpful moving review

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    Moving is certainly not an easy or stress-free experience. It takes a lot of time to plan everything, to find the best movers NYC has, pack the belongings, move, and unpack. However, if you’ve read moving reviews, you know how much they can be helpful. That’s why it’s important for you to do the same thing. Once you’re done with your relocation, leave a moving review. Who knows how many people will have easier relocation thanks to you. Still, if it’s your first time writing one, you may not know how to do it properly. Continue reading as we will discuss how to write a helpful moving review.

    Why should you write a moving review?

    Right now, perhaps you’re thinking about why you should waste time leaving a review in the first place. You found a moving company on your own, you had already moved, and now, you just want to rest. However, here is why it’s important to write a helpful moving review:

    • Let others know if you’ve found a good moving company and had a perfect relocation. The better reviews a moving company has, the easier it will reach a wider audience. It would be great if others could have a stress-free move as well.
    • If you’ve come across a bad moving company, share that too. There are many things that can happen that will lead to someone leaving a bad review. Perhaps, the movers never showed up or were rude, didn’t do their job properly, and so on. Others should know of this too so that they can avoid hiring such movers.
    • Suppose you weren’t satisfied with your moving experience. You left a bad review of the moving company. Perhaps they will see it and get in contact with you. You never know. Maybe they’ll try to work things out. In the end, it’s possible you became satisfied with their way of solving that issue. That’s why you should know how to write a helpful moving review.
    A typewriter on the table
    If you know how to write a helpful moving review, you can help others

    Tips for writing a review

    When writing a moving review, you should include a couple of things that will be helpful to other people. Information about the moving company is important but so is your opinion. We will go through all the things you should consider when writing a moving review one by one. An explanation will follow. Once you go through them all, you’ll know how to write a good moving review.

    The first tip for writing a helpful moving review

    When you start writing your moving review, include the approximate date, time, and location. By no means should you give your address. However, the approximate place will mean a lot to other people. If they’re moving to the same place, they’ll know what they should pay attention to.

    The second suggestion on how to write a helpful moving review

    Double-check whether you’ve spelled the name of the moving company you hired correctly. There are many movers, so it’s possible that someone will mistake the mover you mentioned for another if you haven’t spelled their name properly. If that’s alright, write about their customer service. Have they been rude or pleasant? Did they answer all the questions you asked, or did they ignore you? Did you experience something negative in their presence? Also, mention if they came on time or if you had to wait.

    People having a conflict on the street
    If the movers were rude to you, don’t be embarrassed to write that down

    The third pointer that will help you write a useful moving review

    Write two to three sentences about your opinion of the moving company. Mention whether you were satisfied with their services. Would you hire them again or choose someone else? Would you recommend them to your friends and family? If the answer to these questions is yes, it means the moving company did a good job. Don’t forget to mention the movers NYC cost and whether you were satisfied with it.

    Mention other services and how you were pleased with them

    If you’ve decided to use storage units NYC has, bring that up in your review as well. Talk about their professionalism. Were you pleased with the space and safety? What were some advantages and disadvantages of using a storage unit, and so on. All of this will bring you one step closer to writing a beneficial moving review.

    Advice on how to write a good moving review: packing services

    In today’s society, more and more people decide to opt for packing services. There are many advantages to this decision. First, you will not have to worry about whether you packed your precious belongings properly. Second, you won’t have to think about how to acquire the appropriate packing supplies NYC offers. If you’ve hired movers who provide packing services, don’t forget to talk about that in your moving review.

    A man packing a box while thinking about how to write a helpful moving review
    If you wish to leave a thoughtful moving review, mention how you were satisfied with the packing services

    How much time will writing a moving review take?

    Now that you know why it’s crucial to write a moving review, we hope you’ll give it a thought. Of course, it doesn’t have to be right after your move. You can take your time and rest a bit. However, write it while it’s still fresh so you won’t forget important details. And, naturally, while it’s still relevant. Writing a good and thorough review won’t take much of your time if you know what you’re doing. Spending around 15-20 minutes is enough. Once you finish, revise the text before you post it. Finally, that’s it.

    Now you know how to write a helpful moving review!

    We hope that we helped you understand how to write a helpful moving review with this article. No matter how many times you move or hire the same moving company, leave a review as your experience will differ each time. Even the little things you mention can be of huge help to others.




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