Insider Tips for Dining Out in Manhattan

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    NYC is one of the busiest and most lively cities in the USA. It is home to 8.468 million people from all around the world. All these people brought a part of their culture with them – the dishes from their national cuisines included. This gave the Big Apple a very diverse dining scene, which only keeps evolving every day. Manhattan is the luxurious, flashy heart of the city, which boast the most extravagant restaurants. But luckily, NYC offers a truly wide range of restaurant types, that is at every price point imaginable. So no matter if you recently finished moving to Manhattan, or are just passing through, we got you covered. These are our best insider tips for dining out in Manhattan.

    What should you keep in mind when dining in Manhattan?

    Manhattan covers an area of 33.58 square miles, where 1.629 million people live in this area, making it one of the most densely populated areas. This and the busy, fast lifestyle of the people made having restaurants at every corner a necessity. It would take you 74 years to try every restaurant in NYC, and you will likely spend one-quarter only in Manhattan. The exact number of restaurants is unknown because new ones open all the time, but there is something that is known – the food options are endless! If you happen to hire one of the best movers NYC, you will end up in a food paradise. As great as it sounds, there are things that you need to keep in mind:

    • Make up your mind about what you want – the fact that there are endless options is a blade with two edges. Indecisive people will have a really hard time picking a place to eat, so our insider tip for dining out in Manhattan here is to use the price or location as a guideline. It will narrow the choices down, making it easy to pick a starting point.
    • Ensure that you have a reservation – Manhattan is a very busy area, and people book the best restaurants full. Unless you plan to order takeout, a reservation is a must. Call as early as a week in advance in places like Carmine’s Italian Restaurant, or you might not get a table.
    Picture of a white "reserved" sign on a white surface
    Reservations are a must in most restaurants in Manhattan

    Our insider tips for dining out in Manhattan will also help you pick an excellent restaurant

    Numerous restaurants keep popping up every day, but the best ones are usually the ones that had the time to gain the hearts of the locals. These locals’ reviews are the ones encouraging the tourists to come and visit, and NYC gets 800,000 visitors every day! These people are bound to at least pass through Manhattan, therefore visiting at least one restaurant. So, if you were to take the advice of our Soho movers, you have to visit the restaurants in the neighborhoods listed below. We guarantee, these are the best of the best!

    Gramercy Park has some of the best restaurants in the city

    Gramercy is the name of a neighborhood that is close to the park it’s named after, Gramercy Park. It is a very small area, but it has some of the best eating-out places in the whole city. Gramercy Tavern is without a doubt a favorite among locals, who are sworn loyal customers. A nice addition to the rich selection of cocktails, fine dining dishes, and breathtaking desserts is the bustling bar area. Another very good and busy place that our insider tips for dining out in Manhattan will take you to is a place called Friend Of A Farmer. It is a more affordable American-county cooking restaurant, where brunch is the most popular meal. If you were to ask our Gramercy movers for a recommendation, they would likely point you in this direction.

    Picture of food that you will eat if you follow our insider tips for dining out in Manhattan
    Michelin Star restaurants are a must in our list

    Upper East Side is an unavoidable part of Manhattan

    Upper East Side is unquestionably the poshest neighborhood in Manhattan. The dining scene in this area is one of the most expensive in the city, and we are talking NYC expensive! Michelin Star restaurants are a must, so we will start with the busiest one – Daniel. It is the restaurant of the longest-reigning four-star French chef. It is so fancy, that you need to wear a suit, and a spending account is very welcome. For those who don’t want a night out to break the bank but still be amazing, our Upper East Side movers recommend Uva. Italian food is always a good option, and the rustic, comfy ambiance is a big plus.

    Pay a visit to East Village, for a more diverse dining scene

    East Village is a neighborhood in lower Manhattan, which is bursting with diversity, especially when it comes to food. Even though the world’s most renowned cuisines are Italian and French, in this neighborhood the highest-rated ones are Brazilian and Asian. Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse takes the cake with the highest number of positive reviews, all well-earned. The all you can eat meat oriented dishes in this chain restaurant will blow you await. The perfect protein-packed meal for a long move with our East Village movers! But, if you crave something lighter, from another side of the world, Momofuku Noodle Bar should be your place of choice. The open kitchen is an interesting addition to the already busy restaurant, so here you will likely wait in line for your ramen. But it is so worth it!

    Picture of a bowl or noodles
    Our insider tips for dining out in Manhattan will likely bring you to a place that sells ramen noodles

    Out tips for dining out in Manhattan will make your life in this area easier

    Our insider tips for dining out in Manhattan have likely given you an idea of where to eat your next meal. Luckily, Manhattan is a highly walkable area, so you can squeeze in a workout on your way to your restaurant of choice. After a delicious meal, walking will feel tedious but luckily you can rely on the NYC subway to get you where you need to go. We wish you plenty of fun and bon appétit!



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