Is it cheaper to hire movers or rent a truck in Manhattan?

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    Nowadays, everybody is trying to save money in different ways. Sometimes it is good to try to save, while it can sometimes turn out counterproductive. Moving is usually one of these scenarios. Saving some money usually means that you have to do hard work by yourself. Many people opt for renting a moving truck instead of hiring movers to save money. But is it worth it when moving to Manhattan? We will try to break down the actual costs and help you decide whether it is better to hire movers or rent a truck in Manhattan.

    Think about your priorities

    When thinking about whether to hire movers or rent a truck in Manhattan, give a thought to your priorities first. Is your priority to:

    • Get help with the difficult moving tasks?
    • Save money?
    • Transport your belongings safely?

    If you rent a truck for moving, just know that you will have to do everything by yourself. All the packing, carrying heavy boxes and unpacking is waiting for you to do it. Instead of hiring some packing services NYC, you could ask friends and family to help you. Even though they are not as professional as movers, they can still help a lot.

    When you rent a truck, you will also have to drive it to your new home. That means that the safety of your belongings is in your hands. If you are certain that you can do it, go ahead, but we don’t recommend doing it for a long-distance move.

    Woman thinking whether to hire movers or rent a truck in Manhattan
    Before making a decision, think about your priorities

    Is it more expensive to hire movers or rent a truck in Manhattan?

    Renting a truck for a local move usually means that you won’t have to pay more than $4000. But usually, the prices are much lower than that. When hiring some local movers NYC, the price can always vary depending on the movers themselves, the time of the year, distance, etc. But hiring professional help never costs less than $1000, with the price only going up if you use additional services. With that said, you won’t know anything for sure until you get an online quote or in-home estimate. We always recommend going for the in-home estimate, because it’s the only way that movers can see how much stuff needs to be moved.

    Additional costs when hiring a truck

    On top of the price of renting the truck, you should count on the additional costs as well. The movers NYC cost will be transparent from the beginning and you want to have to think about additional expenses. Some of the additional expenses when hiring a truck will be listed below.

    Fuel costs

    Now that everything is becoming more expensive, the fuel costs can be a great expense. And apart from the moving truck, you also have to count on the gas for your vehicle. Assuming that the price for a gallon of gas is $4 now, you can see for yourself that it can turn out quite expensive.

    Moving coverage

    When you rent a truck, you should also get insurance for yourself, the truck, and your belongings. You won’t use it if everything goes well, but you never know when something unexpected can happen. Movers like Manhattan Movers NYC include the basic coverage in the price, but the basic is not always the best.

    Mover carrying items
    It is always a good idea to get insurance during a move

    Is it cheaper to hire movers or rent a truck in Manhattan – conclusion

    So to conclude, is it better to hire movers or rent a truck in Manhattan? The answer is that hiring Manhattan Movers NYC always turns out as the better option, That is because they help you with every aspect of the movie, and they don’t cover too much for the quality that they offer. We wish you a successful move.


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