Last-minute moving tips for art collectors

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    You promised you wouldn’t do it this time, and yet here we are. For a while, you’ve been telling yourself you have enough time to pack your art collection and there is no need to rush. Now, your moving date is slowly approaching and you are slowly starting to panic. There is no need to continue spiraling because our team of full service movers NYC prepared a brief article to help you relocate your art. Therefore, continue reading and find out what are some useful last-minute moving tips for art collectors.

    We understand how important art is for collectors. It is something you’ve been collecting over the years, and indeed you cherish it a lot. These tips will ensure your artwork arrives in perfect condition for your new home.

    Moving tips for art collectors to start off right: Get insurance for your art collection

    Over the years, you’ve dedicated a lot of your energy, time, and money to your art collection. Every time you move to a new home, you will put your valuable collection in danger. Even if you take every necessary precaution, damage to your collection is still possible. So, to stay completely safe, get insurance for your art collection before your moving day. The most important reason to get art insurance is to be able to recover its entire value in case it is lost or damaged.

    Book a professional moving company ASAP

    This is certainly one of the most important moving tips for art collectors. You should hire a professional moving company as soon as possible. Moving artwork is an intricate job. Sure, you can use bubble wrap and packing paper to pack your tableware and small appliances, but your art collection requires a lot more. That is why it’s best you hire a professional moving company. It’s very important to look for reliable fine art movers NYC, so that your collection doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. When your cherished art collection is at stake, you can’t afford to take any risks. Here is what to look for:

    • They must have experience in moving art collections.
    • The company has to offer moving services of the highest quality.
    • Their equipment needs to be in the best condition.
    • Their packers and movers have to be careful and detail-oriented.
    • They have to be clear about their moving fees from the start.

    Relocating your art collection poses many risks to every piece in it, but with help from professional movers, your unique artwork will stay in flawless condition.

    A professional mover making a checklist
    One of the best moving tips for art collectors is to book a professional company as early as possible.

    Make a quick inventory list

    Now that you booked a moving company it’s time you write an inventory list. You need to go through your art collection and write every piece you will move to your new home. An inventory list will help you stay organized. Also, knowing how many items you have to relocate will help you figure out how much it will cost you. Moving artwork can be quite expensive, so it’s recommended you get informed early on. Check out what are the expected movers NYC cost, so you avoid any unforeseen financial misfortunes.

    So, here is how to start your inventory list. First, divide your art collection into categories, for example, painting, sculpture, and drawings. Then give each item its own inventory number. You can add letters to the inventory number that will represent the type of medium. Later on, you can use the inventory number to label packing boxes. This will help you unpack your art collection. It’s easy to forget which items go with what title, so consider adding photos to your inventory list. This will make it easily accessible and readable. Make sure each photo is focused and properly illuminated. After you’ve taken photos and assigned an inventory number to each piece, it’s time to include titles and dimensions. Remember to make a copy for the moving company, so that they are informed as well.

    One of the top moving tips for art collectors is to store your art collection the right way

    Whether you don’t have enough space for every item in your new home, or you just want to store it away for a while, you must choose the right type of storage. Humidity and sunlight can damage your art pieces, that’s why you should put them in a dark and cool place. You have to place your items in a storage unit that has enough ventilation to control excessive moisture. Also, remember to leave enough space between items so that enough air can circulate. Check out what kind of storage NYC is the best for your collection.

    A row of storage units
    Store your art pieces in a dark and cool place.

    Any art piece is susceptible to damage if you don’t store it properly. That’s why it’s crucial to look for the best self storage Manhattan, to ensure your art pieces stay in perfect condition. And of course, you want to make sure your art collection is easily accessible, so look for storage units that offer same-day access. It’s important to check in on your stored art collection from time to time, to make sure all is well.

    Research the art scene in your new location

    As an enthusiastic art collector, you should research the art scene in your new location before you make the move. Check out what museums and art galleries are there to visit. If you are moving to Manhattan, you are in for a treat. There are many art museums, galleries, and antiquaries for you to enjoy. It is crucial to research the art market so that you know what you can expect. Get informed about the upcoming exhibitions and art sales.

    Artist painting a picture
    Support emerging artists and add unique art pieces to your collection.

    Don’t forget to look for local emerging artists. By supporting emerging artists you can find art pieces at a lower price point, you can help the artist continue creating their art, and of course, you get to follow the evolution of their artwork.

    Moving artwork can be quite time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. But by following our last-minute moving tips for art collectors you can make the entire process a lot easier. We hope this article helps you out so that you can safely relocate your precious art collection.


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