Life in a small town after moving from New York City

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    The day has come when you don’t want to be a part of the fast and hectic life in New York anymore. Now, you need something calm and easy going in your life. You are done with public transportation, traffic jams, expensive coffees and food, and very high rents. Once you have experienced life in New York, you realize that you need something better and more relaxing. You need a life without having to be on a certain budget all the time. That is the life in a small town.

    There is absolutely no shame in moving from The Big Apple to some small city, where everyone knows your name, and where there is no need to lock your door when the night falls. Sounds great, right? Nowadays, when life is so fast, more and more people are deciding to move to a small town. Here, we will try to give some pointers on how to get used to life in a small town, after living in a city such as New York.

    Life in a small town can be so rewarding
    There is a huge choice of small cities where you can move to

    Life in a small town 101

    Now that you have decided to move to a small town, and after finding the right moving service, after the packing and everything that comes with the moving, you should start thinking about how to get used to a completely new way of life. The first thing that you will notice is that everything is so much cheaper. From day one of life in a small town, you’ll be surprised how everything is much affordable compared to NYC.

    If you have rented an apartment in New York and now you are renting one in a smaller city, you will be blown away with the rent difference, and with the look of the apartment. You will pay less, and you will get so much more then you did back when you were living in New York. However, living in a smaller town is not all rainbows and butterflies. There is some cons reason for it as well.

    Cons of living in a small city

    As for everything in life, there are cons and pros for living in a small city, and there are pros and cons for living in a city like New York. So, one of the reasons not to move to another state is definitely your career. If you have started to build a serious career path in New York, then moving to a small town is not the solution you should look for, in order to have a calmer life. Having a big career in a smaller city is not really something that people run to. On the other hand, if the job is not something that drives you in life, then you should definitely go for it.

    Life in a small city can be so rewarding in other aspects of life. Usually, people who decide to move from a big city are driven with the desire to have calm, and somewhat easy-going life. Also, another cons reason can be that eventually, you will know almost everyone from your town. There will be no place to go for a calm dinner, drinks or whatever, without bumping into someone you know. Of course, it all depends on what do you like, maybe you find it amusing to always have someone with who you can have a small talk.

    Pros for living in a small city

    There are so many pros reasons to live in a small city. You probably already have a few on your mind. Life in a small town can be a lot of fun. Opposite to the popular belief, that life in a small town is everything but fun. This cannot be further from the truth. There are so many interesting things to do. Some of the reasons to move to a small town are:

    • Lower crime rates
    • Good neighborly relationships
    • Lower rents, better-looking apartments, and houses
    • Fewer traffic jams
    • Everything is closer, lesser chances that you will be late
    • More town events in which you can participate
    • News travel really fast in small towns
    • It is better and safer to raise a family in a smaller town
    A street in a small city
           Life in a small city equals no rush

    These are only some of the reasons that can bring you to have a life in a small town, rather than in New York. One of the biggest reasons would definitely be that everything is so much cheaper, but we will leave to you, to choose your own favorite reason.

    New York

    Of course, New York is a great city. One of the greatest in the whole world. There are so many reasons that people from all over the world are coming to try their luck here. Some people find themselves here, and they raise their families in New York, and soon it becomes their home. Some people cannot even imagine moving away from this marvelous city. However, there is absolutely no shame in not liking the most popular city in the world. On the contrary, if you haven’t found yourself in New York, the world is your oyster. Try and see how life in a small town would work for you, you may be surprised. Maybe that was something that you need to be completely happy.

    A street with people in New York
    New York is really beautiful, but it can be so stressful to live in it

    Life in a small town can be just what you have been searching for. It doesn’t have to mean that if most of the people are happy in a bigger city you have to be too. Having a life in a small town is a big deal. It means that you need closer relationships and stress-free days. More people could use that. Enjoy your life in a small town, that is why you are moving there. To enjoy, to have fun and maybe even one day to have a family of your own if you don’t already.


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