Little Known Facts About Manhattan

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    Manhattan is one of the best-known and most popular parts of NYC. Be it in the US or worldwide, many people would love to live in the area. However, there are some little-known facts about Manhattan that not many people know about. Of course, you can count that even some of the experienced movers NYC won’t know them all. Take a look at some of the things that will make you scratch your head about one of the most famous boroughs of NYC.

    One of the Little known facts about Manhattan is that there’s a building 29 stories high that has no windows

    Manhattan is one of the most beautiful parts of NYC. One of the reasons for it is the fact that it has great architecture wherever the eye can see. Some of the legendary buildings of NYC and beyond are located in Manhattan. However, did you know that there’s a huge building in the heart of it that has zero windows? It’s not the top destination of moving companies Manhattan NY but it’s still bizarre to look at. It was a building that was used for the accommodation of telephone switching equipment. However, today it just looks sci-fi and out of this world. You can still find it standing at 33 Thomas Street.

    NYC skyline
    You can even find a building without windows in Manhattan

    There’s a replica of Manhattan located in China

    In China, there are many copies and replicas. For that reason, it’s not a surprise that there is even a copy of Manhattan. However, not a successful one as the project wasn’t completed because of the lack of funds. There was a plan to create a complete replica of NYC in the city of Tianjin, with even an artificial river that would mimic the Hudson. However, the project was too big of an ask. For that reason, if you want to check out what an apocalyptic version of Manhattan would be, make sure to take a look at some pictures of the project.

    It’s no wonder that Manhattan is one of the richest parts of the world as it holds almost 25% of gold reserves

    NYC and Manhattan can be very expensive. For most of the people that want that lifestyle, it’s really difficult to maintain a normal budget. However, did you know that Manhattan is one of the richest parts of the world? At least when it comes to gold reserves. With more than 25% of the world’s gold reserves it surely is rich. If you could have at least a couple of those gold bars, you wouldn’t have to worry about the movers NYC cost and other financial problems. Of course, all that gold is the property of many different governments all over the world.

    You need to pay a fortune if you want to have a stand at some of the premium locations in Manhattan

    Do you think you’re overpaying the rent? Is the cost of housing out of every proportion in Manhattan? Then one of the little-known facts about Manhattan is that those hot dog stands you see around the city are paying a huge amount of money to be there. In some of the most frequented parts of Manhattan, you can expect to have to pay even up to 300,000$ to be in those areas. That’s a huge sum of money that you need to gamble on the fact that your business will go perfectly.

    A street vendor
    Street vendors in Manhattan don’t have it easy

    One of the little known facts about Manhattan is that it has one of the biggest densities of population in the US and beyond

    It’s no wonder that many people love living in Manhattan. On top of that, it’s one of the reasons why there’s always traffic and overall many people in the streets. However, one of the little-known facts about Manhattan is one that explains just how big the density of Manhattan is. It’s no surprise that people are looking for moving boxes Manhattan as they are always coming in from all over the US and the world. It’s interesting that the population of the planet could fit a small country if it had the density as Manhattan.

    The Native Americans sold the land of Manhattan and other islands for around 15 $ is one of the little known facts about Manhattan

    Of course, Manhattan has some of the highest prices in the US. Imagine having a piece of land in the area? You would be a billionaire without a doubt. However, you need to go 4-5 centuries in the past to witness one of the worst financial decisions. That’s when the Native Americans sold the land where NYC and other places are on. They did it for jewelry that at that time had a value of around 15$. If you compare it with the value of the land today, you can surely say that it’s a bargain.

    There’s actually a way to glide through the Manhattan and NYC traffic

    It sounds crazy, but you can drive around Manhattan without any problems. Of course, when it’s the rush hour it’s really hard to do so. However, there actually is a way to drive around and not have to hit every light. If you go from First Avenue, you can actually catch a green light wave. This is programmed so by the city of New York, so that in ideal circumstances you can just glide through traffic. It’s not a myth! However, you need to go constantly at around 28 miles an hour. That’s pretty close to the speed limit so it’s better to be safe.

    A street in Manhattan
    One of the little known facts about Manhattan is that you can avoid traffic jams

    You can always find something interesting about Manhattan. However big your knowledge of the city might be, there’s always some fact that can surprise you. That’s why we’re sure the little-known facts about Manhattan we mentioned will be interesting for you. Make sure to check them all out. On top of that, go around and visit some of the lesser-known places in the area. There are plenty more interesting hidden facts about Manhattan, so make sure to check them out.



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