Living in Chinatown – quick neighborhood guide

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    Making a decision about your next place of living can be hell. There are so many options, especially when we are talking about New York City. It is a diverse place with lots of great neighborhoods. However, Chinatown is one of the best you could possibly imagine. Living in Chinatown has a lot of pros and you should know all about them. Moving before learning them can turn into a mistake so make sure you stay until the end. After that, you can in peace find Chinatown movers that will give you a hand when moving here and you are done. But, first things first!

    Price of real estate when living in Chinatown

    The first and most important thing about Chinatown that you want to know is the price of real estate. We could say that it is affordable, especially when we are considering other more expensive parts of Manhattan. The average rent of one bedroom apartment is about 2,800$ while two bedroom is 4,100$. Affordability is a relative thing. What is expensive for someone is affordable for someone else. No matter where you belong, you should be aware of this before making a commitment to Manhattan Movers NYC that will move you. Make sure you find what suits you best before you start doing anything else. If you do it the other way around, you are going to regret it!

    an empty apartment
    Grasp affordable real estate in NYC

    Close to everything with a great commute

    When you live in one place, no matter where it is, you want to be able to get wherever you want in a reasonable amount of time. However, it may not be always possible. If you choose to live in Chinatown, you can be sure that you will get wherever you want in no time. Its commute is one of the best in NYC. Also, you are physically close to everything so this does not even play a big role in your decision. If this is important to you, and it probably is since you are moving to NYC, you can be sure that you have made the right decision. Make sure you find local movers NYC that will help you relocate so that you could start your life in Chinatown as quickly as possible!

    Diverse culture is all around you

    Chinatown did not get its name just like that. There is a big story behind it and it continues to this very day. Its diversity is probably what is making you think about relocating and living here. You can enjoy:

    • diverse Chinese cuisine
    • Vietnamese cuisine
    • Thai cuisine and much more

    Of course, this is not everything. Besides the great restaurant scene and tons of great meals, you will have the chance to enjoy great nightlife like nowhere else. There are many concerts in this part of New York City so you should not have problems finding what you like best.

    a chinese cuisine all around you when living in Chinatown
    Enjoy the diversity Chinatown has to offer

    Start your life in Chinatown with great movers by your side

    Even though there are many more reasons for living in Chinatown, we wanted to give you a glimpse of what is waiting for you. When you make the decision to move, you want the best movers in Manhattan that will be able to relocate you here. Moving to NYC, no matter which part, can be extremely hard so you definitely want reliable movers by your side. After the move ends, start enjoying your life in Chinatown! It’s a great neighborhood so we’re sure you’ll feel right at home.


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