Living in Upper East Side: Guide

Living in Upper East Side : Guide

After you get job promotion, you are preparing for a move.  You are going to change your address to be closer to your new office. Location of your new office? New York City and famous Manhattan, how great is that? If you are a newcomer to Manhattan, living in Upper East Side could be an amazing new life chapter. Some of America’s most famous families have made their homes here on the Upper East Side. This neighborhood has a reputation for being home to the wealthy, but even those on a budget can call it home. So before you hire trustworthy Upper East Side movers, we are reminding you of things you should know about this Manhattan neighborhood. No matter if you been here many times or this is going to be the first time, here we have compiled some essential information into a simple guide. 

Living in Upper East Side
Living in the Upper East Side area is a smart choice.

Get yourself prepared for Upper East Side

Who knows Manhattan better than us? Our Manhattan movers NYC knows every step of this neighborhood by heart. Let us meet this amazing place. Famous Upper East Side is located from 96th Street to 59th Street and between 5th Avenue / Central Park and the East River. As a part of Manhattan Community District 8, Upper East Side is now one of the most developed neighborhoods in New York City. Here are just a few things about what the neighborhood has to offer.

  • Affordable and spacious apartments for those who require it.
  • This neighborhood moves at a slower, more relaxed pace than other neighborhoods in Manhattan.
  • You will find here the wealth of playgrounds, community centers, and schools make it feel like a suburb within the city.
  • You and your children can enjoy playtime in Central Park. Central Park will become your playground when you living in Upper East Side.

If you are wondering how to spend free time here, expect constant culture at your fingertips, and a fun and accessible nightlife. Moreover, the nightlife is vibrant on Second Avenue and surely you will enjoy it. So it is up to you what you will choose.

Central Park
You can find many beautiful places here

Preparations for moving to this amazing neighborhood

No matter if you are moving to Manhattan with a family or as a young professional, it has a lot to offer. While you are preparing your budget for an upcoming move, you are concerned about renting prices. So don’t worry, there is something for every budget here. Living in Upper East Side brings the opportunity to afford a spacious apartment for a reasonable amount. Finding an apartment in this area to rent or buy is now easier than ever.

It won’t be hard to get anywhere you want from here

Besides, you don’t have to have to own a car if you plan to move here. Although New York City is well-known as a city with congested traffic, Upper East Side is a well-connected area. For that reason, you can expect lots of subway transportations options and buses available. Living in Upper East Side has so many advantages, good luck!


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