Manhattan guide for foodies

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    Picking a restaurant in NYC can be very challenging. New places pop up all the time. However, Manhattan offers plenty of amazing places you can go to. There are lots of superb diners, bistros, and cafes as well as special occasion destinations. Queens, Brooklyn, and other parts of NYC have good places for foodies. However, this guide is specifically for Manhattan. So before moving to Manhattan, here’s a Manhattan guide for foodies. Keep reading to find out where you should eat after your relocation.

    Sushi Nakazawa

    This is one of the best restaurants of its class and no price can match it. You can either book sourced twenty-course tastings for $150 at the counter or $120 in the dining room. That’s quite a bit bit of money. However, experiences like these at other sushi restaurants in NYC can cost up to hundreds of dollars. Nakazawa’s sake pairings are an extra $90. This is relatively affordable in comparison to other restaurants of this kind.

    Sushi in Manhattan guide for foodies
    Sushi Nakazawa offers some of the best sushi in NYC for its price

    Cafe China

    Cafe China is a Sichuan restaurant. It had the Michelin Star for 7 years. However, it was closed temporarily for a couple of months in 2021. And now it has been renovated into a 3-story building in Midtown. Yiming Wang and Xian Zhang run the restaurant. It offers unique dishes such as tea-smoked duck and cumin lamb. Also, there are new starters like tabasco peppers and steamed fish with cayenne alongside other regional Chinese dishes.


    You can find the restaurant Atomix in the walk-up apartment building very close to Nomad. Beyond the bar, a stairway will get you up to the basement, where you can have snacks on couches in the stone-floor lobby, before having a seat at one of the 14 chairs at the black-granite counter which overlooks the kitchen. Here you can order Korean food such as filefish, bluefish, sunchoke, dubu, and much more.

    The Meatball Shop

    If you want something made into a meatball, The Meatball Shop has most likely done it. The Meatball Shop has 7 locations throughout NYC, and they offer five varieties of meatballs. These include greens, sliders, egg benedicts, baguettes, and brunch. Also, you can get the Bucket O’ Balls. This is a big tub with 25 meatballs.

    meatballs in the dish
    One of the best places in this Manhattan guide for foodies is The Meatball Shop offering all variations of meatballs


    Contento is a Peruvian-inspired restaurant and a wine bar. Some of the best dishes you can get here are duck liver mousse, short ribs with udon noodles, and a few ceviche variations. The wine’s the thing here and the cocktails are terrific, too. Make sure to check out Contento because it was designed with “accessibility to all” in mind. This includes half of the bar that was positioned at a height for wheelchair users.

    Tom’s Restaurant

    If you like the sitcom Seinfeld, then Tom’s Restaurant is a must-visit in this Manhattan guide for foodies. The restaurant exterior was used to show the cafe where the Seinfeld crew hung out. However, in real life, the restaurant serves popular American dishes. The food is not that expensive and it’s also delicious. You will find Tom’s restaurant at 2880 Broadway in Morningside Heights. In addition to being popular because of Seinfield, Barack Obama and John McCain visited the restaurant often while they were connected with Columbia. There are signed photos from the Seinfield cast as well as other celebrities who have visited the restaurant. Also, you will see people taking pictures from outside of the restaurant.


    Candance is a vegan restaurant that became one of New York City’s best restaurants of 2021 after opening last year. However, it has moved to a better and larger location across the street to accommodate more people. If you go to Cadence, make sure to try southern lasagna, smoked grits, and fried oyster mushrooms & waffles.


    A very unique restaurant in this Manhattan guide for foodies is Cote. It is one of the best steakhouses in NYC. Here you will find the finest Korean BBQ. Some of the best dishes you can order here include butcher’s feat and bibimbap. Also, don’t forget to order cocktails with your dinner.

    Korean BBQ
    Cote is one of the best steakhouses in NYC


    After moving to Manhattan with the help of Nolita moves, head over to Claud. It is one of the best new restaurants in Manhattan. It gathered a fast online presence with its amazing devil’s food cake and escargot croquettes. Other must-order dishes include tart agnolotti pasta stuffed with chicken liver and mille-feuille made with confit tomatoes. Dishes at Cloud will cost you between $15 and $40.

    Africa Kine

    Africa Kine was opened in NYC in 1996 and was set in various locations by the founders Kine and Samba Niang. A few years ago, it moved north into a more crowded space, with a much more unknown menu than the original. These include Senegalese mainstays, such as mafe (lamb or chicken in a peanut sauce), thiebu djen (stuffed fish and vegetables over joloff rice), and yassa (chicken or fish in a lemon and onion confit), mainly available at lunchtime. And for dinner, you can expect to find grilled lamb leg, shrimp skewers, baked fish, and fish balls in tomato sauce.

    New World Mall

    There’s no way you can eat your way through all of the restaurants in Flushing in just one day. But if you’re looking for a flavor of the neighborhood, you can find some of the best Queens’ recipes at the basement-level New World Mall food court, which, when it opened about a decade ago, set out to be the biggest Asian mall in northeast Manhattan. There are 32 food vendors, all of which specialize in everything from hand-cut noodles to dumplings and soups. It’s a fun spot to mix and match and to get a little bit of every kind of food.

    Rowdy Rooster

    The aces behind one of the USA’s best new restaurants of 2021 are not slowing down. In their debut, restaurateur Roni Mazumdar and chef Chintan Pandya have been frying up crunchy, spicy fried chicken that is commonly seen in Indian street stands and transplanting it to the East Village. The little shop makes fried chicken at three different spice levels, chicken sandwiches with onion yogurt and mint sauce, and sides including crispy eggplant or potato pakoras and masala corn. For vegetarians, there is the snack-sized vada pav — a spiced potato patty with mint and tamarind sauce on a buttered pao roll — is an equally spicy hit.

    Chicken wings
    You will find the delicious chicken in Rowdy Rooster


    If you are going shopping in SoHo, then make sure to visit Delicatessen. The menu offers some classic dishes such as French toast and cheeseburger spring rolls. We strongly recommend this place. Make sure to go there as soon as your Soho movers deliver all your items to your new place. You should reward yourself with a delicious meal after a long day of moving.

    Han Dynasty

    The Anthony Bourdain-validated group of Szechuan restaurants is an import from Philadelphia and has come to New York five years ago. We advise you to get the dumplings in chili oil and the super-spicy Dan Dan noodles. You can choose how spicy you want your dishes to be, since they provide different gradings of spiciness, from 1 to 10.


    Once you are all settled in and your Manhattan Movers NYC have delivered all your items, check out Shuka. Both breakfast and dinner are great choices for this new Mediterranean restaurant. Everything is as delicious as it looks: The lively beet tzatziki and the bright red shakshuka have made an appearance as Instagram stars, but we recommend you ask for an order of lamb kabobs, too.

    Caracas Arepa Bar

    This place offers a casual unique feel. There’s a super-casual, authentic feel at Caracas. Arepas are a Venezuelan famous dish. They are usually topped with veggies, cheese, and meat. If you decide to visit this place, make sure to order La Mutata or De De Pabellón alongside any amazing cocktails they have.

    Taco Lucha

    Another great place in this Manhattan guide for foodies is Taco Lucha. This is a modern restaurant that makes unique Mexican dishes. In addition to that, it also has a patio, specialty cocktails, interesting decor, and sharable plates. This brilliant restaurant has some interesting decorations, a balcony for dining outside, specialty cocktails, dispensable plates, and creative margaritas. If you go to Taco Lucha, try a cheese steak burrito with beans. It has fillings with queso Blanco, sirloin steak, roasted Poblano peppers, and more. If you really like tacos, try the Carnitas. These are corn tortillas filled with queso fresco, braised chopped pork, and pineapple salsa.

    a burrito in the table
    Taco Lucha serves unique Mexican dishes

    Golden Unicorn Restaurant

    If you go to Dim Sum in NYC Chinatown, you’ll have a chance to experience Asian food without going to Aisa. There are 3 Chinatowns in NYC and one of them is in Manhattan. All of them have Dim Sum. One of the most famous Dim Sums is The Golden Unicorn which you will find in Lower Manhattan Chinatown. The crowd is mostly Chinese and you might even need to wait for an hour for a table before you enter it. The lines are shorter if you go before 11:30 am.

    After you sit at the table, you will see women pushing steaming Dim Sum carts with dumplings, buns, ha goa, and other food. This restaurant has reasonable prices, however, you pay per dish and the cost will add up if you order lots of seafood.

    Gramercy Tavern

    The best way to relax after your relocation with one of the moving companies Manhattan NY, then going to grab a bite at the Gramercy Tavern. It opened in 1994 and won a lot of awards since then. It’s got 2 configurations. The bar-adjacent tavern is a bit more casual. It offers dishes such as fish, chicken, pork, roaster oysters, and duck liver mousse. The other one is a dining room in the back which is a bit pricey. It will cost you $165 per person. Here you can get a seasonal tasting menu that could have courses such as asparagus risotto, marinated scallops, roasted duck breast, and angel food cake.

    Minetta Tavern

    After you’ve used the services of commercial movers Manhattan and settled in, you will find Minetta Tavern on MacDougal Street 113. If you love fine dining this is the place for you! The decor is lovely, the food is amazing, and the wine and spirits list is quite extensive. Some of the best dishes in Minetta Tavern are steaks, pasta, bone marrow, escargots, and a $38 Black Label burger.


    Birria has long-allured cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, which are closer to the home state of the restaurant, which is in Jalisco, Mexico. Now, New York City gets to have its moment, and for many, their first taste of the fatty, brick-red meat was on a plate from the cult-favorite Birria-Landia. The place is run by brothers Jesús and José Moreno. The Jackson Heights truck is often attributed with placing birria on the city’s radar, and vendors slinging versions of the dish made with oxtail, cheese, and lamb have since appeared across the city. Get yourself one of everything on the menu, including a large consome for soaking your tacos.

    Clinton St. Baking Company

    You come to Clinton St. Baking Company for pancakes. The restaurant serves them all hours throughout the day. Topped in three ways: with chocolate chunks, with wild blueberries, and with banana and walnuts. Also, February is pancake month. This means that the restaurant has new flavors every day. If you are moving away from home for the first time, make sure you treat yourself with some delicious pancakes. You will forget about the moving stress once you try this fluffy peace of heaven.

    Pancakes with raspberries
    At Clinton St. Baking Company you can get all kinds of pancakes

    Nepali Bhanchha Ghar

    Nepali Bhanchha Ghar has been open in 2015 by Yamuna Shrestha and has quickly positioned itself as one of the city’s essential restaurants. Shrestha’s restaurant joins a number of Nepali restaurants that have opened in Queens, which specialize in the fatty delight of momos. Here, the moms are served steamed or fried in a shining tomato-based sauce stuffed with paneer, potato, goat, beef, shrimp, or chicken. It’s no wonder that Bhanchha Ghar has won the Jackson Heights Momo Crawl multiple years in a row.

    Use our Manhattan guide for foodies to find some of the best restaurants

    Once you find the best moving services Manhattan NY you can start planning where you want to go after you are all settled in! You have a lot of choices, therefore, we are sure that on this list you will find your new favorite restaurant. You will love every place from our Manhattan guide for foodies.


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