Manhattan move packing timeline

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    Manhattan is many people’s dream place. They want to be a part of it and for a good reason. It offers so much to people that live there. You are in the center of happenings,¬†and you can become whoever you want. Also, you can find any job you want and live your life to the fullest. But, in order to get all of this, you have to move here. Packing is one of the most important parts of every move, so you have to do it properly. The help of reliable movers, like Manhattan Movers NYC, is always good but some people prefer to do this on their own. So, here is the Manhattan move packing timeline and how to properly prepare yourself for the move!

    First goes decluttering

    The first thing that you want to do is to declutter when talking about the Manhattan move packing timeline. There is one thing to remember about Manhattan, the price of real estate is pretty high. That means that you want to use as much space in your new place as possible. In order to do this, decluttering may be in order. You want to start with this task about six weeks before the move so that you can have enough time to make a selection. And to decide what to do with those items because it can be hard to get rid of everything. This is an important task for any reason. You will pay less for your packing supplies NYC and there will be less chance for something to go wrong.

    Finding the right supplies for packing goes next

    Four weeks before the moving day, you should start preparing supplies that you are going to use for the process. It can be anything like:

    • moving boxes
    • air-filled plastic wrap
    • plastic paper
    • plastic wraps
    • packing tapes and much more

    However, in order to get all of this, you may need some time. Also, you will need to make a deal with local movers Manhattan that are going to give you the supplies. They may not have everything at the moment so you may need to wait. That is the reason why you want to start on time!

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    Finding durable packing supplies is crucial

    Packing your items is the last thing on this Manhattan move packing timeline

    The last thing is packing. It is hard for most people because they do not have enough experience in this area. Yes, it is hard to pack items like clothes. But, what about items that are fragile and expensive that you do not want to lose in the process? That is why you want time on your side so that you could do everything. When packing, make sure to pack room by room so that you could avoid confusion. When dealing with fragile items, you want to pack them better. You will do this by using air filled plastic wrap. Wrapping each item will minimize the risks and there will be less chance that those items will break or damage during the relocation.

    people following Manhattan move packing timeline
    Follow the Manhattan move packing timeline to finish your packing tasks on time!

    Follow this packing timeline when relocating to Manhattan

    The key thing in this Manhattan move packing timeline is time. You want to have it as much as possible because it is the only way to make sure you have everything. Yes, using a packing moving service NYC is a great thing if you can afford it. But, you will probably have to handle some things by yourself so you still want to be as familiar as possible with this schedule!



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